How to center our mind to perform Shiatsu (Zen) ?


Centering the mind is a very important part of the technique of Shiatsu. There are many things, both conscious and unconscious, which can cause one distress or distraction. Maintaining the balanced Ki energy flow is essential to the energy of the giver. Centering the mind helps maintain and control Ki energy. Meditation is most often used among traditional Oriental medicine practitioners for this purpose.

One must center and focus the mind. Centering is how clear the mind is. The skill involves concentration, eliminating disturbances from our internal environment to bring peace within. For many, concentration is difficult. It is important to know how to focus when you need to be, and how to relax that focus when you do not. In learning how not to focus you will then focus more clearly. You will achieve a higher focusing skill by understanding the difference between being focused and not focused.

When it was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks, teaching was done in the temple. Meditation is the foundation of Buddhism, and since all students lived in the temple for more than seven years to study, they were required to develop skills in meditation.

It is important to find the mind-centering technique that works best for you. Traditionally, Zen meditation teaches one to empty the mind. We need to enhance our ability through meditation or other forms of mind centering like Yoga, Martial arts to maintain energy and to avoid drainage of the Ki energy.