What are the Five Element’s emotions (気持ち)?

Traditionally, the five emotions are sadness, fear, anger, happiness, and worry. Experiencing these state of mind excessively or frequently can harm the health of the internal organs. But is is also true that internal organ imbalance can be the cause of excessive emotions. A person can experience many emotions at one time, and multiple emotions can affect or disturb one other. 

Knowledge of these five emotions is important for both diagnosis and treatment. A person's mental health, in Oriental Medicine, is thought of as an aspect of their overall health. Thus, it is important for practitioners to work through the emotions. 

The Five Elements theory states that each of the five elements has a corresponding emotion, as well as a corresponding organ. The fire element corresponds to joy; the earth with worry; metal with sadness; water with fear, and wood with anger. Emotional states are most balanced when the five Yin organs are in balance.

The relationship between the physical and psychological must be recognized in order to determine the cause of a condition. When dealing with the emotional issues, it is very important to be aware that these can be a sensitive subject for some people. Be gentle and supportive.