What is the basic function of the Fu (腑) Organs?

The primary function of the Fu organs is to support the corresponding Zo organs, and they perform other functions as well. The Fu organs are the Yang organs and are considered to be hollow organs.

These includes:

Large Intestine energy - responsible for separating liquids and solids and eliminating waste from the body. It also stores Kidney energy.

Stomach energy- responsible for, along with the small intestines energy, the breaking down of food to transform into food Ki energy. This is sent to the heart energy and becomes the primary functioning of Ki energy.

Small Intestine energy - responsible for transforming food into food Ki energy which is sent to the heart energy. It also helps the bladder energy in the transformation of Ki energy by separating clean and dirty fluids.

Bladder energy - responsible for the transformation of Ki energy. It also collects wastes from other organs and eliminates urine from the body.

Gallbladder energy - responsible for regulating Ki energy throughout the body and filtering infections and viruses from the blood.