What is the time cycle(体内時計)?

In Oriental Medicine, there is an organ clock that represents the time of the day when each meridian organ system is functioning optimally and has the most energy. There are 12 meridian organ systems and 2 accessory systems that are represented by this clock. Each meridian organ system is also associated with an emotion, a taste, a sense organ, a season, etc.

There's a time for everything in Oriental medicine, and timing and schedule are crucial to maintaining health. Our bodies move like clockwork. Each meridian organ has a two-hour period when Ki energy is at its peak.

Living according to the meridian organ clock can strengthen health. Small practices, such as walking daily, meditation, yoga, and weekly Shiatsu, can help achieve a healthy schedule.

3-5am Lung Meridian

5-7am Large Intestine Meridian

7-9am Stomach Meridian

9-11am Spleen Meridian

11am-1pm Heart Meridian

1-3pm Small Intestine Meridian

3-5pm Bladder Meridian

5-7pm Kidney Meridian

7-9pm Heart Constrictor Meridian

9-11pm Triple Heater Meridian

11pm-1am Gall Bladder Meridian

1-3am Liver Meridian