4th annual Shiatsu Camp!

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4th Annual Shiatsu Camp 2019

September 13—15

Family gathering at Tekenink to strengthen Shiatsu communities and connections

Hello Shiatsu Enthusiasts,

I am excited that we are planning our fourth shiatsu family gathering at Tekenink so that we can strengthen our Shiatsu communities connections.

Everyone who came the last three years can return and more Shiatsu enthusiasts are joining us!

Kumiko & Nini will be back & presenting! They are also looking forward to be together with all of You

I will also be presenting as Koji is unable to join us this year. Hopefully next year!

In 2019 I am celebrating 32 years of practicing Shiatsu and 41 years of receiving.

I feel a deep connection to the land at Tekenink, I have been going there since I was in my mothers belly (62+years).

Bringing Shiatsu & Tekenink together feels wonderful to me and I believe everyone who was there the last three years would agree!

Kumiko said “Everyone extremely enjoyed the time, place and kind shiatsu spirits”

This Year we already have 14 people confirmed who have committed to coming by sending in their deposits.

We still have room for 5 people in the cabin & 5 campers.

Please contact me ASAP if You would like to come and let me know if You would like to stay in the cabin or camp and send in Your Deposit.

Here’s to another fun weekend of Creating a strong healthy Shiatsu Community!

With Love,


The land at Tekenink has been protected by a conservation easement since 1987

The address is:

370 Sandy Beach road,

Clifton Township, PA.

Wendy’s cell 413 695 0014

There is still room in the cabin for people who want to stay there.

The cabin has 4 sleeping rooms:

Bedroom #1 has a king size bed.

Bedroom # 2 has a queen size bed & a bunk bed (2 twin mattresses).

The Loft #3 has four twin beds, 2 of them are combined into a king (they can also be separated).

The Bunkhouse #4 has 2 bunk beds (4 twin mattresses) & 2 double bed futons. There is a curtain which can separate the bunk bed area from the futons

People staying in the cabin will need to bring their own sheets or a sleeping bag, pillowcase & towels. We have pillows & blankets there.

There is plenty of space for people who would prefer to camp.

We will organize sleeping arrangements once we have the final numbers for who is coming and wether they are staying in the cabin or camping.

We have one indoor bathroom with a tub & shower.

There is also an outdoor shower with hot & cold water ( weather permitting).

The lake may still be warm enough for swimming.

We also have an outhouse.

We will divide up responsibility for meals according to who will be there for each meal.

There will be 4 vegetarian meals:

Dinner Friday night

Brunch Saturday

Dinner Saturday

Brunch Sunday

We can share shopping, meal prep & clean up. The kitchen is well equipped

There is a refrigerator and freezer.

The Kitchen is available if you need it at other times during the day.

Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions & how many meals you will be joining.

Tentative Schedule:

09/13 Friday Night:

Arrival & setup

7:30 dinner



stargazing: weather permitting

09/14 Saturday:

forest walk 8:00 am

9:30 - 11:30 Presentation: Nini Melvin- Enhancing Quality of Touch


Exchange Sessions

Presentation: Kumiko- Shiatsu


09/15 Sunday :

9:30-11:30 Presentation: Wendy S. Bolognesi- Asian Bodywork Therapy-Applied Stretches


Exchange Sessions


Please bring a blanket, sheet or mat to put on the ground when giving or receiving.

Deposit :

$50 per person in advance to hold your space and contribute towards meals.

The aim is to cover expenses.

There is no charge for presentations.

Please send a check to:

Wendy S. Bolognesi

P.O. Box 167

Hardwick, MA 01037

or use PayPal email address wendyb413@gmail.com