A meridian is an entry to the ‘energy highway’ of the human body. Ki energy flows through these pathways, accessing all parts of the body. Meridians can be mapped throughout the body; they flow within the body and not on the surface. 

We will review traditional and Masunaga meridian systems on the arms in supine, prone and side positions. We will use thumbs, palms, edges of our hands, elbows and knees so that we can offer Shiatsu with agility, complexity and thoroughness to anyone. 

February 18, 2016 6-9pm $75/65• Pre-Pay • Pre-Register

Kumiko Kanayama brings a lifetime of learning and experience to her practice of energy work and Eastern philosophy. A native of Japan, she has a head start on many practitioners; her touch conveys an Eastern sensitivity and clarity of technique, supported by over 2000 hours of training in the Ohashiatsu® method. She is also a sought-after instructor, logging in over 2000 hours of teaching, here and internationally, in the Ohashiatsu program.

Location: 220 W 93rd Street, NYC , NY 

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please contact us at 917-721-0823 (cell/text)  kumiko@fivelightscenter.com

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It is such a wonderful opportunity to give and receive Shiatsu under Kumiko's supervision, improve my technique and revise what I had learned during the Shiatsu courses taken in the past.  ~ Olga