Vertical pressure on the body: that stimulation of certain points on and inside the body will have a positive effect on the body’s ability to heal itself and restore health.


Introduction to the Primary Meridians:

Fri – Sun: April 17, 18 & 19, 2015

Fri 6-10pm, Sat & Sun 10-6pm



In this course you will be introduced to the history and the foundations of Asian medicine, the concepts of Tao, Ki and Yin-Yan.  You will locate the pathways of the 12 primary meridians and how to feel the quality of Ki for each of them through palpation.

With the practice of specific exercises, you will develop the flexibility necessary to work with Shiatsu. You will use meditation to center yourself before working with your partner, and start a journey into self-awareness.


  • History of Shiatsu
  • Definition of terms: Shiatsu, Ki, Yin, Yan, Meridians and Tsubo
  • Quality of Yin and Yan
  • Palpation and location of Meridians
  • Basic function of Meridians
  • Makaho exercises
  • Ki palpation

Group Class:

 Thursdays 6:30-9pm


Private session:

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Introductory Workshop: 

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Group classes help to improve the techniques they have learned in class. The instructor leads opening meditation and exercises and then assists students.

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