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Marina Tucker

Student Liaison

Marina is a graduate of Goucher College in Baltimore, MD, where she earned her BA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, focusing on women and technology in underrepresented communities. Marina has dedicated her life to her career in technology and continues to explore new avenues to empower women and underrepresented communities. 


Marina Tucker started her Shiatsu journey in 2020 after battling depression, back pain and endless stress from her career in the tech industry. Marina left her corporate job in the summer of 2022 to focus on her health and the growth of her family. As a full time parent, Marina has found great joy and passion in finding ways to better her life and her family's health and life through food and the power of touch. 


Marina is beyond excited to be back on the Five Lights Team and looks forward to connecting with all the past, present and future students to find new and exciting ways to best serve the community.


“Working with Five Lights Center has been an incredible experience. My passion for learning and dedication to self-care brought me to an organization run by women, powered by women, and made for all.”



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