Course Schedule 

All courses are open to students who want to refresh Shiatsu knowledge and skills. Space is limited, register early!

The Masunaga extension system is open to students who already have basic Shiatsu training. For each level, students must schedule a tutorial, a Shiatsu session, and attend a minimum of 2 practice sessions.   

 Learn shiatsu !

Learn shiatsu !

Level 1: Introduction To The Primary Meridians In NY, NY

In this course you will be introduced to the history and the foundations of Asian medicine, the concepts of Tao, Ki and Yin-Yan. You will locate the pathways of the 12 primary meridians and learn how to feel the quality of Ki for each of them through palpation.

With the practice of specific exercises, you will develop the flexibility necessary to work with Shiatsu techniques. You will use meditation to center yourself before working with your partner, as you start a journey into self-awareness.

September 28-30, 2018

Friday 6-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-7pm 

 Level 2; Learn how to find tsubos

Level 2; Learn how to find tsubos


Level 2: The Five Elements Theory

We introduce the theory of five-elements. The theory includes movement and interaction of generation and control cycles, elemental associations: season, color, emotions, and more.

We locate the Hara where energy resides. By palpating the Hara diagnostic areas we find the energetic disharmony expressed by Kyo and Jitsu (deficiency and excess). This constitutes the basic assessment for treatment.

We locate the 12 associated points of the organs / meridians on the bladder channel (Yu points), the 12 alarm points on the front of the torso for each meridian (Bo points). We practice locating the 12 meridians in supine and prone positions, with special focus on the transitions from side to side.

October 26-28, 2018

Friday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-7pm

Tuition fee: $350 / $300 two weeks in advance

 DO IT YOURSELF shiatsu stretch: Wood meridian stretch

DO IT YOURSELF shiatsu stretch: Wood meridian stretch


Do It Yourself Shiatsu Stretches:

Do It Yourself Shiatsu stretches (Makko ho meridian stretches) are used as a self-assessment & self-healing technique by focusing on the specific stretches that were developed to improve the flow of Ki Energy. There is a stretch for each pair of meridians and, as they are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine and created by Nagai Sensei in Japan, we follow the Five Elements creative cycle, (i.e., Metal, Water, Wood, Absolute Fire, Supplement Fire, and Earth). Begin the DIY Shiatsu stretches by grounding yourself through breathing, while you focus on centering the Ki Energy within the Hara. Keep centered throughout the exercise. It is essential that you settle into the stretches on respiration and the nothing is forced. Being aware of tension and pain that you feel along the meridian pathways. Do not force yourself into positions that you find uncomfortable – pain is not the goal, the intention & focus is. Always take a moment to rest and observe your body after each stretch. 

DIY Shiatsu stretches are not so much on the physical stretch but on opening up and moving the Ki Energy. It is therefore vital that you focus on the breathing and that you are aware of the changes going on within you during each stretch – this includes Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Concentrate on relaxing and releasing during all these movements, and enjoy! 

We will help to find the most comfortable position for each person depending upon your needs. 

Let's stretch together to improve our Energy!

Thu, October 4, 18, 25, 2018

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EDT

 Teacher training program to share the love of Shiatsu

Teacher training program to share the love of Shiatsu

Teacher Training Program: 

The Five Lights Shiatsu Teacher Training provides a pathway to incorporating the physical, psychological, spiritual and Zen aspects of Shiatsu into daily life.

 Review shiatsu techniques, movement, and diagnostic skills

Review shiatsu techniques, movement, and diagnostic skills

Group Practice Class: 

Weekly group sessions focused on technique, health, and becoming part of the Shiatsu community.  

Thursdays 7-9pm

Tuition fee: $15 per person

 Practice Qi GOing to enhance Shiatsu skills and understand the ki energy flow

Practice Qi GOing to enhance Shiatsu skills and understand the ki energy flow

Shiatsu And Qi Gong:

気功 Qi gong, pronounced “chee gong,” is a gentle, flowing form of movement therapy that delivers a variety of health benefits. The words qi gong mean “energy work” or “energy cultivation.” Millions of people around the world now practice this regimen of meditative motion and deep breathing to enhance their physical and spiritual well-being.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 6-7pm

Tuition fee: $15

 Receive Shiatsu to maintain health and WELL BEING.

Receive Shiatsu to maintain health and WELL BEING.

Private Session:

Relax, revitalize and renew your energy.

Regular sessions help keep your energy balanced. You will develop a deeper awareness of body, mind and spirit connections and work toward your own healing.


FREE Introductory Workshop : 

This workshop is open to all.

To learn more about Shiatsu, you will be doing hands-on work. When you attend the workshop, you receive 10% off the tuition fee for your next course. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing,  

December 3, 2018

Monday 10-11am

RSVP, Please

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