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Julie Vincent

Julie Vincent

Five Lights Wellness Coach

Cell: 609-373-5642


Julie Vincent is a shiatsu practitioner and a yoga teacher based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Her practice is based on the use of breathing techniques and body alignment to promote the flow of Ki (life force) energy throughout the body to feel more grounded, relaxed, and balanced. She has deepened her studies of the 12 Meridians and the 5 Elements theory by learning shiatsu, an ancient Japanese healing technique, at the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu in NYC. She developed a close relationship with her mentor and shiatsu teacher Kumiko Kayanama, Founder of Five Light Center of Shiatsu, with whom she collaborated to create. The Shiatsu Solution a corporate wellness program that offers shiatsu in the workspace. About a year ago, she started working and developing her home practice, Meridian Body Flow. She offers shiatsu sessions and private yoga classes. In addition, in 2021, Julie was trained as an acupuncture detox specialist (NADA provider) at NYHRE (New York Harm Reduction Educators) in Harlem, NYC, where she volunteers once a week to give shiatsu and ear acupuncture treatments.

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