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Go = Five | Shiki = Light | Kan =Center

In modern Shiatsu teachings, Go Shiki refers to the heat and energy in our hands. When we bring our two hands together in a gesture of reverence (Gassho), the right hand represents the Buddha and the left hand represents our own, physical being. Through our touch, we pray for healing energy and light to balance our energy channels in mind and body.

Go Shiki Kan, Inc. (Five Lights Center)
Mission statement: The Power of Touch™
Description: The Five Lights Center of Shiatsu focuses on self-realization through movement, meditation, breathwork, and touch communication. Our healing philosophy cultivates an awareness of self and others, and leads to improved health, vitality, and well-being.

Global Shiatsu Virtual Gathering
Mission statement: One World-One Planet project.
Description: Discover how to reduce stress and anxiety by clarifying the mind through lectures and self-healing sessions with the world’s most renowned specialists in the field.


Global Shiatsu Community For All
Mission statement:  Together, we learn and practice self-care shiatsu. Gatherings are a perfect place to refresh the memory of who we are and restore the balance within. It is time to get back on track with your healing energy!
Description: Providing social media networking and connectivity for the international shiatsu community.

Kumiko Kanayama, founder of the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu, first learned Shiatsu in her grandmother’s living room in Japan. Before World War II, her grandmother had learned simple hands-on treatment techniques to take care of her big family, then later passed that knowledge on to Kanayama. 

When her uncle, Wataru Ohashi came to the states, he started his Shiatsu Dojo in 1974 after furthering his study of Shiatsu at Namikoshi Shiatsu School in Tokyo, inviting leading teachers from Japan along with his niece, Kanayama. Under his guidance, Kanayama deepened her Eastern medicine studies and committed herself to learning more about and sharing her knowledge of this healing modality.

Intuitive Shiatsu, however, is something wholly unique unto Kumiko Kanayama and the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu, based in New York City. Cultivated from her more than 30 years of experience and upbringing in Japanese culture, and assembling techniques from other master Japanese Shiatsu teachers, Intuitive Shiatsu highlights the intentionality of both the giver and receiver. A name coined by a longtime client, Intuitive Shiatsu invokes the personal relationship and harmony between those in practice with each other, leading to more freedom in the joints, overall body composition, and spiritual energy. 

Kanayama breaks down the terminology, explaining: “The Japanese translation of Intuitive Shiatsu is Cho Kan Chi Shiatsu. Cho means direct-straight, Kan means sensing, Chi means wisdom.” She elaborates, “I hope people open their hearts, give attention to the meridian energy channels and the tsubo & acupressure points, to sense low and high energy levels in order to cultivate and discover their own inner wisdom to help others.” Shiatsu as a healing art is a way of life, and way of relating to each other, the physical and sensory world around us, and the earth itself.  Citing her small stature and lithe physique, she’s used those characteristics to develop inner strength - or “hara” - to adapt her practice and modulate her energetic life force to her clients whether they be elderly, infants, pregnant, or ailing. Never one to get hung up on a setback, her own practice of Intuitive Shiatsu has transformed these traits into sources of inspiration and power. 

A New Yorker herself, Kanayama maintains that as a form of energetic medicine, Shiatsu can refresh, recharge, rebalance, and restore one’s energy in a matter of five minutes. New York can be a challenging city to live in because you are bombarded by sensory stimuli and constantly on the move.  Once familiar with the practice, New Yorkers who may think of themselves as not having the time to stop and practice mindfulness will find their overall outlook, disposition, and stress levels transformed with Intuitive Shiatsu.

As a matter of philosophy, Intuitive Shiatsu uses pain to uncover a mystery rather than solve a problem.  This foundational principle of Kanayama's approach is about discovering what feels right within the body and mind, and seeking greater harmony and synchronization to dispel disease, imbalances, disfunction, and pain.  Kanayama lives and breathes the core essence of shiatsu and the Five Elements Theory by working within the laws of nature to help others, especially her clients. She cites them as a main source of inspiration to continue being of service to the community, not only locally to her Upper West Side Studio, but to the world at large.  The Five Lights Center offers educational programs, live stream events, wellness programs and the virtual Eastern Healing Arts Center. 

Kanayama is galvanized by her mother’s spirit, who inspires her to follow in her footsteps and complete her mission of fostering world peace.   Her mother witnessed the devastating impact of the war on Hiroshima and it's inhabitants, and was deeply moved by this experience.  Shiatsu was one way of healing the immense pain and suffering caused by war and violence.  In her own work, Kanayama has witnessed firsthand the great impact Shiatsu has on the mind, body, and spirit in contemporary society, mending wounds caused not only by war but by interpersonal strife, chemical toxicity, and the stress of daily life.  She looks forward to continuing to share these teachings via The Five Lights Center. The center itself is dedicated to training and supporting the worldwide shiatsu community through its educational programs, social media connectivity, and the Global Shiatsu Virtual Gatherings as it continues to grow into an international educational and healing center for all.

Meet The Team
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