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Jaideep Bedi

Shiatsu Teacher

Jaideep Bedi began his shiatsu journey after an injury in the early 2000s. Recommended by a friend to try Shiatsu treatment he not only found that the treatment works but it healed his injury.


Impressed by the magnitude of Shaitsu’s effectiveness, Jaideep registered for Level 1 with Grandmaster Kumiko Kanayama. Shortly after beginning his training he graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2008 and has been a Shiatsu practitioner since 2009. During his studies he trained with the leading wellness experts in the world, including Ohashi Sensei, Kumiko Sensei, Mitchell Wolf, Sam Berlind and Maureen Miller. In 2012, Jaideep began teaching at the Five Lights Center where he has been providing inclusive, in-depth and hands-on training for all-levels of shiatsu. He’s driven by connecting with members of the community and sharing his passion for Shiatsu and its amazing ability to connect and in turn heal other people and himself in the process.   


Every year since 2014, Jaideep travels to the Zen Bosatsu Zendo, Kongo-Ji  Healing and Wellness retreat to provide shiatsu healing, harnessing his power of touch and sharing it with the world.    In 2022 and 2023, Jaideep joined Grandmaster Kumiko Kanayama in Italy where she hosts an annual retreat, workshops and training.

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