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Chilán Mustain MSOM, L.Ac

At age 5, Chilán started learning indigenous healing practices and herbal medicine from his uncle and others in his community. This exposure to healing work at a young age imprinted him with the outlook and experiences that inform his natural approach to medicine. Through his youth, continuing up to the present he continues to learn and practice traditional healing ways. By the time Chilán was in his early 20s, his search for a career path led him to the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts where he studied Zen Shiatsu. This exposure to body work and physical medicine sparked an interest that led him to study Chi Nei Tsang, Thai Massage, Tui Na and eventually Acupuncture. In 2014, Chilán graduated with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College. Upon completion of the Masters program, he chose to further cultivate his skills by specializing in Meridian Therapy through advanced trainings organized by the High Desert Hari Society. Meridian Therapy is a Japanese style of acupuncture that draws heavily on palpation skills that he had already developed through years of Shiatsu practice. As part of this training, Chilán has participated in several pediatric seminars and had the opportunity to learn from world renowned experts on pediatric acupuncture. Currently, Chilán continues to hone his skills through clinical practice, telemedicine and teaching. Chilán is well known for his subtle and effective techniques, genuine compassion and insightful honesty.

Many podcasts and informative videos can be found on his YouTube channel.  

The Master Sharpening Stone

Location: Tucson, AZ


Yoshi Nakano

Yoshi Nakano is a second generation Asian body worker who has been inspired by numerous teachers including; Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr.Vasant Lad, Ohashi, Mantak Chia, Peter Holmes, Takemori, his father and uncle.

At the age of eleven, Nakano began to practice anma massage, brush calligraphy, martial arts and moxibustion.  In New York City, he studied, practiced, and taught shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute and the Bateman Institute for Health Education.  Nakano also taught at the Omega Institute, New York, trained body workers at Kingston Health Spa in Jamaica and Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese health spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico and served on the faculty of the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, Arizona.  He is a member of the guest faculty at the Prajna Yoga Temple in Santa Fe, New Mexico, directed by Tias and Surya Little.

Drawing on more than three decades of experience and training in Eastern healing modalities (Zen Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Yoga-asana, Cooking and Zen Brush Meditation), Yoshi realizes it is now time to erase the borderlines within Asian healing traditions.  His training course, Zen Shiatsu Touch, integrates the healing arts of Tao and Ayurveda.

In addition to practicing shiatsu, Yoshi is an abstract brush calligrapher.  Nakano currently resides with his family in the Southwestern United States, home of the  Zen Tribe Wellness Dojo( for Zen Shiatsu Touch and Zen Brush Meditation.

“Zen Shiatsu Touch is a guiding tool to awaken our instinctual healing abilities. This practice allows us to see what cannot be seen, and to embrace our intuitive  healing journey for well-being.” 
—Yoshi Nakano

Location: Tucson, AZ & Santa Fe, NM 

Phone: (505) 490-2938

Virginia Miller

Virginia graduated from the Ohashi Institute in NYC over 30 years ago. She was very excited to learn and share this healing art form of bodywork with her friends, many who went on to become professional shiatsu practitioners. Her interest in shiatsu came from her background in dance and her curiosity with Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from the Ohashi Institute in 1989, Virginia worked as a shiatsu consultant at the Institute for two years before opening her own private practice in downtown Manhattan. Fulfilling a dream to travel and teach shiatsu in places she had previously lived, Virginia went on to organize and teach shiatsu classes in Brazil and Italy. In the late 1990’s, she taught shiatsu at Health Choices for the Healing Arts, a massage therapy school in Belle Meade, NJ.


Around this time she also discovered the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies where Master Ohashi taught courses. At the Omega Institute, Virginia organized shiatsu classes for the staff and was a shiatsu practitioner at the Omega Wellness Center for several summers. In the early 2000’s, Virginia left NYC for Tucson, Arizona where she taught at the Desert Institute for the Healing Arts. Virginia now dedicates her time to sharing her shiatsu and self-care techniques at conferences and non-profit organizations. 

Location: Tuscon, AZ & Omega Institute, NY

Phone: (502) 481-3385



Cristian Laniauskas

Cristian Laniauskas. Graduate in Diagnostic Imaging, Shiatsu Namikoshi Therapist since 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Facebook: Cristian JapanShiatsu

Instagram: cristianjapanshiatsu



Margarete Eller

Margarete Eller, Ohashiatsu® Senior Instructor, is the founder and director of Ohashiatsu in Austria. From 1999 to 2002, she was trained by Master Ohashi at the Ohashi Institute in New York and has since taught the Ohashiatsu program in various countries of Europe, the USA, and Canada, as well as online.

Born and raised in Germany, Margarete first became a gardener and then completed her masters studies in Urban Planning at the University of Dortmund. Due to her countryside childhood, she always felt naturally connected to the mysteries of life, which led her on a spiritual, body-oriented life journey. Through various practices, such as Bioenergetics, Tantra, Macrobiotics, Kyudo, Tai Ji, and Yoga, she encountered Sufism and Ohashiatsu, two paths that keep filling her life with lightness, harmony, and joy.

Margarete's Ohashiatsu sessions and courses are an expression of her gratitude and desire to share this gift with others. She’s offering her courses in-person and online.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Facebook page:

YouTube channel:


Cell: +43 699 1922 7827

Mike Mandl

Mike Mandl has been living his Shiatsu passion for more than 30 years. He is the director of the International Academy for Hara Shiatsu in Vienna, organized the big European Shiatsu Congress in Vienna, wrote many books on Shiatsu and TCM, and still is a full-time shiatsu practitioner focused on complex cases.

Mike Mandl / International Academy for Hara Shiatsu

Mariahilfer Strasse 115

1060 Vienna / Austria



Frans Copers

Frans Copers, of Ghent, Belgium, discovered Asian and Japanese medicine and macrobiotics through Dr. Marc Van Cauwenberghe while a medical student in Ghent. During his macrobiotic studies at the East West Foundation in the USA, he had his first contact with shiatsu through Bill Painter, Michio Kushi and Shizuko Yamamoto. After receiving his certificates in Macrobiotic Shiatsu, Frans returns to Europe and continues to deepen his knowledge in shiatsu studies with Wataru Ohashi, Patrick McCarty, Rex Lassalle and others. In Belgium, Frans and his wife open a successful health-food restaurant while he continued to teach and give classes locally and abroad. They later sell the restaurant, traveling to Japan to study macrobiotics diets and philosophies at Nippon CI, Aikido at the Hombu Dojo, and shiatsu at Masunaga’s IOKAI Center in Tokyo.

Returning to Belgium, Frans opens a shiatsu practice and school of shiatsu, while offering classes at other schools and centers. He joins the International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society and starts a Belgium branch known as Belgium Shiatsu Federation, and he is accepted as a member of the European Shiatsu Federation in 1993. He held Secretary and President positions at both organizations. In the 1990s, he began his studies in Seiki techniques with Kishi Akinobu Sensei. After Kishi’s death in 2012, together with Kishi’s widow, he continues to offer Seiki Soho classes and workshops.

Today, although officially retired, Frans still practices and teaches shiatsu and Seiki, and gives Macrobiotic consultations in Belgium and other European countries while keeping up with his Aikido practice. Frans regularly returns to Japan to maintain contact with his teachers and discover new knowledge. He also is an invited guest teacher in several countries worldwide including Argentina, Hong Kong, Canada, The Netherlands and France.

Kimura Shiatsu & Seiki  Instituut  /   Seiki Ÿ  Shiatsu ®   

Lange Kruisstraat 6E 9000 Gent, Belgium 

Tel: +32 478 564 866  /  + 32 9 225 29 04


Stephane Cuypers

Stephane Cuypers was born in Liege, Belgium and continues to live and work in Belgium. His first job was as a Dutch and English teacher. Later, he started working for an insurance company, eventually becoming the Head of Communications. 

Besides his “normal” career, Stephane has always been interested in the East and in all its occurrences, from philosophy and spirituality, to body practices. He practices Aikidô and Kyudô, learned some basic Japanese language and started meditation on his own. He travelled several times to Japan, which he found to be a very fascinating country with a powerful energy.

While in Belgium, he had the opportunity to meet Master Kawada, who accepted Stephane as one of his students. He learned Shiatsu at the Yoseidô Shiatsu School, then he sought other trainings with Japanese and European teachers, so as to learn different ways of practicing Shiatsu. He feels there are many interesting ways, indeed, not contradictory, showing different aspects of complexity. 

After quitting his job, he started a Shiatsu practice in Brussels, and it very quickly became his sole activity. He felt that first it is important to build experience in the practice room, then maybe you will have something to share with others. So he had the pleasure to co-found a Shiatsu dôjô in Belgium, named Ôdô Shiatsu. Learning at Ôdô is at the same time, both a deep personal and professional experience.

Research with an open and inclusive mind is very important to Stephane. He wrote a book on Shiatsu subtitled Un Art Japonais. Practicing Shiatsu is real art, much more than mere technique, and to Stephane, Shiatsu is truly Japanese, with an inclusive mind and a pragmatic approach. 

Stephane describes his shiatsu journey: 

“Looking back, I feel very grateful to have crossed the path of Shiatsu and to practice it every day. It is a really exciting way of life!
Looking forward, I see that the way has no end and that there are lots of discoveries still to be done and to be shared… Passion for Life, Passion for Shiatsu!”

Read and discover more on


Cell: +32 471 40 56 95

Sandra Ryusan Fernandez

Sandra Ryusan Fernandez is a Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Teacher and Life Coach. She is a practicing Buddhist and is passionate about Astrology and helping people grow with natural ways of living. 

Sandra’s main focus is on helping women empower themselves through balancing their mind and emotions when facing difficult and not-so difficult life circumstances, from conditions like cancer or other challenging health conditions to simply wanting to take better care of themselves. Through using TCM, Zen Shiatsu and Zen Coaching Sandra assists people with their health and balance at a deep energetic level. 

She also publishes her blog, LE ZEN URBAIN: ZenPlicité, where she shares tips and advice based on the “energies available” in the moment. This is available to all of her clients, subscribers and to the general public.
Sandra has been working professionally as a Zen Shiatsu Therapist since 2008 having trained extensively at the Habalkagual School of Zen Shiatsu in Malaga, Spain and she is a professional expert in Integral Coaching. She offers Zen Shiatsu therapies in-person and Zen Coaching one-on-one, in-person and online.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

0032 0483.512.650



Matthew Sweigart

Matthew Sweigart began his shiatsu journey at the Ohashi Institute, NYC in 1985. He went on to graduate, became a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor and founded Ohashiatsu Chicago in 1988. After retiring from the Ohashi Institute in 2003, he went on to write the HeartMind Shiatsu curriculum, including the practice of Meridian Gesture Qigong. He is the author of several books and manuals including Pathways of Qi, the Meridian Gestures and Functions Chart and a full length DVD. He currently lives and practices the healing arts in Northern California, and broadcasts live classes world-wide via Zoom video conferencing.

Matthew Sweigart, CI-AOBTA®

Cell: 530-870-3482

Author of Pathways of Qi, Harmonizing Heaven and Earth DVD and Companion Guide, HeartMind Shiatsu Meridian Gestures and Functions chart, Elemental Meditations, and Touching Ki, a Beginner's Guide to Shiatsu. Director of Communications with the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia ( 

"Do not put a sword into the hands of a man who cannot dance!"

Marco Beghin

Marco Beghin is an expert in somatics, habitual pattern awareness, and change. He works with cognition and the body, to improve upright tone, find mental balance, gain confidence and explore delight in life. Supportive and emphatic educator, Marco is committed to fostering self-care and communication for a healthier, happier, and more connected world. Marco is a COI Ohashi Method and has completed the 1600-hour national Alexander Technique teacher certification in New York City in addition to many anatomy and embodiment-related training. He is the founder of Body Economics, a running coach and endurance athlete having completed 13 marathons and Ironman distance triathlon events. A lifelong student and practitioner of optimal human functioning, performance, and mindfulness, Marco is affiliated with the Alexander Technique Diversity Coalition, the Poise Project for Parkinson’s, and Achilles International for athletes with disabilities. Originally from Italy, Marco traveled the world and lived in New York City, Vancouver Canada, and now resides in Los Angeles.

Marco is affiliated with the Alexander Technique Diversity Coalition, the Poise Project for Parkinson’s, the LA LGBT Center, and Achilles International for athletes with disabilities.

Body Economics, Founder.

Somatic Strategies for Healing, Posture, and Performance.

MSM, M.AmSAT Alexander Technique Teacher, COI Ohashi Method

Location: San Francisco, CA

Email: marco@bodyeconomics .com

Cell: +1 (917) 257-0054

Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko

Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko is passionate to promote optimum health, happiness, and a more peaceful world by educating adults and children about Eastern and Quantum healing as well as Lotus Faith Healing medicine.

A doctor of Oriental Medicine, acupuncturist, Shiatsu Anma practitioner, and author, he has 50 years of experience practicing and teaching the healing arts. Among his past achievements were founding the non-profit educational institute the Shiatsu Massage School of California, and the Tao Healing Arts, a holistic clinic. He has taught numerous students and successfully treated many patients with energetic and vibrational medicine.

He was one of five pioneers who brought shiatsu to the U.S from Japan. In the 1970s, he worked with Wataru Ohashi at The Ohashi Institute developing shiatsu programs in the USA. He innovated Kaneko Shiatsu Anma, integrating both the Shiatsu and Anma styles of massage therapy. A new vision in teaching Kaneko Shiatsu-Anma is to create it for family practice and make it as popular as yoga. Given the importance of the healing power of a touch now more than ever, it's the perfect time to incorporate Kaneko Shiatsu Anma into regular home healing practices among family and friends.

For his contribution to the healing community, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from AOBTA and World Massage Festival, as well as a Hall of Fame award from the latter. In addition to teaching Kaneko Shiatsu Anma, he plans on continuing community classes online and offering Shiatsu Anma massage at IPSB. Please view our website for upcoming classes and view his testimonials page for client and student feedback.

Dr. Kaneko is the author of the book DoAnn’s Doin - Healing Ourselves, and he also published Shiatsu and Anma Therapy – DoAnn’s Short & Long Form (2004). He enjoys teaching the healing arts to children and parents in his picture book, The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man, and through his children's DVD, Music Hands and Monkey Business, which includes basic healing activities and exercises for the family.

Dr. Kaneko is certified by NCCOMS Diplomate ID#1953 and NCBTMB, CE Provider #1514

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Address: PO Box 591 Santa Monica, CA 90406

Phone Cell 310-210-8633, Home 310 -459 -7239

Alan Saruwatari

Alan Saruwatari is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach where he earned his BA in Psychology. He then studied Shiatsu Anma Therapy under the guidance of Dr. DoAnn Tsuneo Kaneko, and graduated from the Shiatsu Massage School of California receiving the Kaneko Award for outstanding student.

Alan has been in the healing arts since 1985 working with physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, massage therapists and art therapists. He opened his clinic in 2009, One, Natural Healing Center in Torrance, California.

As a shiatsu anma therapist, he developed his own form of focused treatment called Shoten Shiatsu Anma and has successfully treated a variety of pain conditions at an over 90% success rate.

Alan has been teaching for over thirty years and has provided classes, workshops, and training at local, state, and national levels. He is the developer of Business Wellness: Taking Care of the Company’s Team to help businesses take better care of their employees.

Together with Dr. Kaneko, he is teaching Kaneko Shiatsu Anma moving the art in new directions.



Ray Ridolfi

I have had the great fortune of studying, practicing and teaching Shiatsu since 1981. Yep, I'm a very mature student. Having started with Macrobiotics style Shiatsu in London and Switzerland, Ohashiatsu, Zen Shiatsu and many others along my journey. I am grateful to have founded the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London in 1983, which grew into 7 franchised schools in the UK. Together with my family, I left the UK in 2002 and moved here to Australia. I am an ex-Chairperson and Senior Examiner of the British Shiatsu Society.

I've written a few books, taught classes around the world, in 13 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East, and still operate my Living Longer Younger Clinic on the Gold Coast in Australia. I offer Shiatsu-Do, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Life Strategies, EnergisedYou remedial exercises and associated modalities Sun, Sand, Surf, Shiatsu-Do. Has a nice ring to it!

Soon to be 65 yrs young, I promote my Living Longer Younger Blueprint philosophy through my practice and teaching EnergisedYou and Boxing classes. I am the oldest debut MMA cage fighter (aged 59) in the Pan-Pacific and still compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I've always found it essential to be a healthy example for others, especially as a 'health expert'. Walk the Talk of your Shiatsu life, strive to be fitter and healthier than most people you treat. My legacy is to give people the 'tools' for living a longer and more dynamic life through conscious Wellbeing and making better daily choices.


FB: Living Longer Younger Blueprint

Instagram: Livinglongeryounger



Leisa Bellmore, MSc

Leisa Bellmore is a shiatsu therapist, speaker, and researcher. She has been practicing Namikoshi Shiatsu since 2001, after graduating with honors from Kensen Saito’s Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo. Since 2010, Leisa has been part of the integrative team at Toronto Western Hospital’s Artists’ Health Centre, collaborating with biomedical and complementary practitioners. Her person-centered, evidence-based holistic approach serves the mental, emotional and physical health needs of creative and performing artists well. She has presented and published around the world. Leisa frequently offers lectures for shiatsu and other healthcare practitioners, and for the public. She is a Past President of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, sits on the Massage Therapy Research Foundation Writing Committee and volunteers with the Shiatsu Research Network.


For seventeen years, Leisa volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto, providing shiatsu to children with life-threatening health conditions and their stressed families. She has published several research studies, all of which were awarded funding grants. In 2020, she completed an M.Sc. in Complementary Medicine Research with a study on The Experience of Shiatsu for Care-Partners and Persons Living with Dementia: A Qualitative Pilot Study. Leisa’s professional interests include neurological conditions and self-management for chronic conditions. In her spare time, Leisa enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and improving her Spanish and French.

Artists' Health Centre

Toronto Western Hospital

University Health Network


Instagram: @shiatsuheals

Facebook: Leisa-Bellmore-Shiatsu-Therapist



Cell: 416.844.1487

Adarsa Chakra, Sensei

Adarsa Chakra Sensei has been studying and practicing Zen Shiatsu since 1980.

As head instructor at Zen Shiatsu institute and later Kokoro Dojo from 1985 until 2009 he taught many students facilitating their growth to become excellent therapists and in some cases instructors.

Chakra Sensei is known for his forthright, energetic and clear style along with his ability to hold the space for students to develop themselves as strong practitioners.

Since 2010 Chakra Sensei has been working on the development of Chōwa Do alongside mentoring Zen Shiatsu therapists through training days and retreats.

Presently he is Head Instructor of the Chōwa Dojo International Zen Shiatsu Training Program and Head Instructor of the Chōwa Do program.

(T’agyol) Daniel Adler

(T’agyol) Daniel Adler is a senior student of Adarsa Sensei and has been practicing Zen Shiatsu and Acupuncture since 1999. He brings a deep passion and enthusiasm to his treatments and teaching, believing that they are living practices that develop and grow through continuous application and experience. 

T’agyol was inspired to study and practice eastern medicine when he discovered Zen Shiatsu and Acupuncture as effective and non-invasive forms of medical care that allow him to provide support and treatment for the average person. His one on one attention to his client's concerns establishes a firm and supportive relationship between practitioner and client.

He is currently expanding his practice expertise by studying Japanese Kampo (Herbal) Medicine under the guidance of Nigel Dawes.

Tagyol Daniel Adler R.Ac

Location: Chowa Dojo

260 Spadina Ave. Suite 309, Toronto Canada

Tel: +647 572 7962


Sonja denElzen, R.Ac,

Sonja denElzen, R.Ac, is an acupuncturist, a licensed zen shiatsu practitioner and a RYT500 yoga instructor. She received her Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Diploma from Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine in Toronto, and completed her Zen Shiatsu training in 2010, studying with Sensei Adarsa Chakra, Era Birfer and (T’agyol) Daniel Adler. Sonja has also been training in Daoist martial arts and Qi Gong with Lindsey Wei of Wudang Whitehorse.

Founder of Cedar Healing Arts, Sonja’s vision is to create a space supporting and inspiring people on their journey to well-being while cultivating deeper connections to their higher selves, each other, and nature. She is deeply inspired by nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine and its holistic view of the natural elements, and the macro cosmos and how it is reflected in the microcosmos of our beings. She is passionate about the necessity for humanity to cultivate a co-creative relationship with nature along with being more self-empowered in one’s own well-being. Sonja’s approach is a holistic one that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

“Zen Shiatsu has a profound ability to calm the nervous system and allow this deep state of relaxation (that) releases the body’s energy system (Qi) to be redirected to engage in its own innate healing powers. Shiatsu helps the body release stuck energy and return to its natural state of flow.” Sonja denElzen


Address: 193 maple heights dr, Gravenhursg, Ont P1p1r1 Canada

Phone: 01 (416) 823-0700

Mihael Mamychshvili, a creator of the NeuroPath Reset Method, experienced traumatic events in his youth and early adulthood. What he now calls ‘The Pain Story,’ sent him on a self-discovery journey where he immersed himself into silent retreats during his early 20’s. This led him to discover the body-mind connection and helped to create a clear path towards his purpose, ‘to help shine the light for others.

When he was 25 years old, Mihael discovered shiatsu. For over 20 years, he has devoted his life his craft, and to working with trauma and chronic pain patients. His innovative approach to the human body and his broad knowledge and experience has led to a reputation as a therapist who can initiate transformative change.

Michael is a founder and former CEO of Angel Hands Integrative Centre, an integrative team of therapists who develop trauma and complex pain treatment programs. He is also the first complementary therapist to be invited to work with the VGH Cardiology Healthy Heart and Rehab Program. Through his work, Mihael consults with trauma-focused nonprofits and organizations and is featured in news, media, and published articles, locally and internationally.


Address: 210 - 2190 Fir Street, Vancouver, Canada

WhatsApp: 604.619.1926

Ambria Mathew, Ph.D. (Ontario, Canada) Ambria is a teacher of Holistic Wellness. She has a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine that focused on the study of Yoga & Ayurveda. She is a musician, a traveler, an author, and a lifelong student at heart, who believes her journey is a testament to the fact that life is a beautiful adventure.

Ambria spent over a decade sharing her passion for Yoga & Ayurveda Holistic Wellness all over the world with daily classes, workshops, Yoga Teacher Training, chanting, and retreats. With over a decade of teaching yoga worldwide (USA, Canada, Ireland, India, Vietnam, Spain to name a few countries), she has been a witness to the healing power of yoga, and how it transcends age, language, and cultural diversity. After studying various forms of bodywork, and graduating from Ohashiatsu school in NYC in 2010.


The knowledge of Shiatsu with regard to Meridians & the Five elements was parallel to the aspects of Chakras, Nadis, and Five Elements as taught in Ayurveda & Yoga. Ambria learned to unite these practices in yoga classes by sequencing vinyasa classes with relation to the five elements, changing seasons, times of day, and created class themes weaved with sequential postures, to help find balance and rejuvenate the body for practitioners.

A few years ago, while teaching yoga teacher training in Spain, she returned to Canada to help her Father on a miraculous recovery from a brain injury. She is currently sharing her love for yoga with a Neuro-Diverse group of people in Southern Ontario and working on recordings and writings for future release.

She is grateful and blessed for the guidance of incredible teachers: her parents, Sri Dharma Mittra, Tao Porchon Lynch, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, David Swenson, Master Ohashi, and the written teachings Patanjali, B.K.S. Iyengar, Swami Rudrananda, and Dr. Vasant Lad, who all inspire her on their ongoing worldwide teaching opportunities.

Location: Ontario, Canada


Instagram: RiyaYoga

Robert Posen, ND

Robert Posen, ND is a 2009 graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) and maintains a naturopathic practice in Toronto, Canada. He uses shiatsu in his practice for both assessment and physical treatment.

Robert began Zen Shiatsu training with Adarsa Chakra and T’agyol (Daniel) Adler in 2004. Since 2006, he has been studying Tao Shiatsu, whenever possible, with Endo Sensei and Alex Pereklita.

“Shiatsu is a wonderful therapy to relieve physical, emotional, and mental suffering. I enjoy the ability to treat using touch in various ways to support healing relief.” Robert Posen


Address: 1-539 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 2Z6 Canada

Phone: (647) 470-4760



Lorelei Chang

Lorelei Chang is a renowned modern dance artist, Qigong teacher, and a Chinese calligrapher. Lorelei and her twin sister, Mai Nakanishi are world-class artists who pioneered combining Chinese calligraphy and modern dance with Qigong. They have performed internationally including South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics. Lorelei has studied both Chinese herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a graduate of the Five Elements Shiatsu apprenticeship program at Meridians Studio.
She is the founder and artistic director of dancEnlight and a board member of the National Qigong Association.


She currently teaches Qigong, Yoga and dance at the Connecticut Concert Ballet and at the South Windsor Senior Center. Lorelei is a certified instructor of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong.


Cell: 860-558-6146

Lianne St Remy, BA, ABT, (CP, AOBTA)
500 RYT

Lianne is a shiatsu therapist and yoga instructor in the Hartford, Connecticut area. She is a 1997 graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School and studied with Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki, Kiiko Matsumoto, Cindy Banker, Carola Beresford-Cooke, Pauline Sasaki, and Cliff Andrews. She earned a BA from Clark University and has an extensive background in the visual and performing arts. She is a 500-hour Embodyoga teacher which combines the teachings of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and body/mind centering techniques in order to delve deeper, with compassion and curiosity into the body’s varied systems.

She taught Asian Massage Techniques at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy from 1998-2004 and practiced shiatsu at UMASS Memorial Hospital’s Complementary Health Center from 1998-2002. She ived in Corrales, NM outside of Albuquerque, from 2005-2015, practicing & teaching Asian healing arts such as shiatsu, meridian-based yoga, and self-care classes to groups, individuals, and families.

She is available for private shiatsu tutorials and practice sessions to Five Lights Center students in Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts.

Location: Newington, CT

Cell: 505-903-9047

David Sergel

My interest in shiatsu began with macrobiotic practice in my hometown of Sydney, Australia, in 1974. I left Australia in February 1978, with the intention of studying macrobiotics in Boston. On the way, I stopped off in Tokyo, where I met Masunaga. He had studied macrobiotics, and to me, his philosophy and shiatsu practice had a similar spirit, so I decided to study with him and his staff at the Iokai Shiatsu Center, which I did over the next four years. 

In July 1982, I finally went, with my wife, to Boston, and was invited by Michio Kushi, to teach at the Kushi Institute, which I did over the next 15 years. In 1989, I published my first book, The Macrobiotic Way of Zen Shiatsu (later reprinted as The Natural Way of Zen Shiatsu). In this book, I endeavored to share all the techniques I learnt at Iokai, along with an in-depth theory section including philosophy and diagnosis in shiatsu, and its connection with macrobiotics, as well as incorporating an exercise regimen I had been teaching in Boston. 

I have been working continuously as a shiatsu practitioner since 1982. Having done thousands of treatments, I have become especially interested in the principles of actually pressing in shiatsu. Since 1989, without exception, I have always used a cloth over the body, which surprising as it may seem, in a subtle way, totally transformed and improved my practice. It is this technique I would like to share with you today.

Location: Fairfield, CT & New York, NY

Cell: 203-526-0188



Kumiko Kanayama

Kumiko Kanayama is a practitioner and teacher of Intuitive Shiatsu™. Intuitive Shiatsu™ is a method she developed after many years of study with her uncle, Ohashi, a pioneer of shiatsu in the West. After many years of teaching as a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor, Kumiko sets out to her own to pursue her discoveries about the intuitive dimensions of Shiatsu, and impart her growing knowledge to others.

Kumiko’s years of study and practice of Ohashiatsu helped her develop sensitivity to and awareness of the Ki energy in self and others, the focus that gives us life. She came to understand that the state of Ki balance and harmony promotes and maintains health and well-being, of body, mind, and spirit.

Kumiko became a Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant in 1991 to work with people of all ages, all walks of life, and every ethnic and spiritual background. In 2001, she became a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor after experiencing 9/11 in NYC and its effects upon the New York city community.

She has taught courses in both the US and Europe. Her intellectual curiosity and special interests led her to create and develop numerous elective courses and workshops: Review of the Elements, Neck, Curious Meridian, Hara Assessment, Tsubo Workshop and many more for professionals and pre-professional students.

During and subsequent to her completion of Ohashiatsu training, Kumiko studied with many eminent teachers, including Dr. David Coulter, the author of Anatomy and Hatha Yoga, Domenico Bassi, Siegrid Maidon, Silvia Marchesa Rossi, Mitchell Wolf, Sam Berlind and Maureen Miller. Kumiko also learned from Jeffrey Yuen, Sister Jeanne Mera, Dr. Diane Connelly, the author of Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements, and Dr. Albrecht Heyer, who is a producer of Heyer Insights. One of Kumiko’s most inspiring teachers, Pamela Hannay developed Shiatsu techniques for work with animals. Siatsu Therapy for Horses benefits not only the horses, but also creates more strength and balance in the body of the practitioner. Pamela describes her techniques as “the dance of celebration of the energy.” When the giver connects with the energy of the horse, the session flows and there is no intellectual decision guiding the work; it is pure instinct and joy.

Kumiko has studied Sounds Vibrational therapy, Color therapy, Dowsing therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Amma therapy, Tai Chi Chung, Aroma therapy, Moxa, medical astrology, Zen meditation, Sotai, Yoga, and Buddhist training. Early in her adult life, she was a student of the Zen arts of Japanese jewelry and ceramic makings. She has also pursued studies at several holistic centers in US: New York Open Center, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Himalayan Institute and Integral Yoga Institute.  

By working with her clients and teachers, sharing with her students and being with her young daughter, Kumiko continually hones her Intuitive Shiatsu™
technique. She talks through hands without words, awakening the spirit by waiting, focusing, releasing and restoring the energy in the tsubos and meridian lines.

Kumiko founded Go Shiki Kan; Five Lights Center in 2012, continues to practice and share the love of art of Shiatsu in New York city. Dedicated to her Mother; Yasuko Kanayama and her Father, Naohiro Kanayama, to expresses her focus on joyful and instinctive giving, strong community, and the light and energy of hands, both literal and symbolic.

Her work is characterized by her deep sense of spirituality and her strong commitment to working intuitively. Kumiko is a versatile practitioner: she is capable of exerting tremendous and focused power in her treatments (reducing the strongest of bodies to a pliant medium), but her fluid physicality and receptive, gentle nature enables her to combine well-tuned lightness with incisive pressure as needed. Her philosophy is deeply entrenched in her commitment to spiritual serenity and human touch communication as a means to harmony, not only in her own life but in the lives of those she touches.

Cell: 917-721-0823


Dara Kustler

Dara Kustler was born and raised in New York City. She graduated in Ohashi’s first class of students in 1978. She is an attorney, and currently resides in Florida.

Cell: 954-871-8700


Laurie Russell

Laurie Russell, a 2008 graduate of the Ohashi Institute, began her shiatsu training at Ohashiatsu® Maryland. Laurie, who has a graduate degree in chemistry, worked as a research chemist in the photo-conductor and solar energy industries. Laurie has worked as a massage therapist since 2005 and is licensed in Virginia and Florida. Early in her massage practice, she realized that all therapeutic bodywork must have meaning, intent, and compassion.


She found all three while studying shiatsu where the beauty of movement is combined with Five Element and Meridian theories. For Laurie, Shiatsu is all about sharing and she enjoys introducing others to the healing and calming benefits of shiatsu. Laurie lives on the East coast of Florida gardening, hiking and exploring the local nature preserves.

Cell: 757-575-3044 




Ute Arnold

Ute Arnold, M.F.A., is a Body-Psychotherapist and artist. She is also the author of Stuck is Not a Place, a book that describes Unergi Body-Psychotherapy, a holistic healing therapy she developed.

Ute grew up in Germany and immigrated to the USA when she was 19 years old. She studied Art, Design and Color in San Francisco and London, and Gestalt Therapy, Alexander Technique and Sensory Movement in New York and Toronto.

In 1993, she opened the Unergi Holistic Therapy School ( teaching private and group classes in the Unegri Method in both Europe and the USA. Ute also hosts the Global Village Creations website (, a community that shares free postings about workshops, the arts, and original innovative creations.

In November 2020, Ute is moving to Alsace in France to build a small eco self-sustainable village with her sister Aries.


Barbara Anemone Aubry

Founder of The Art of Touch

Barbara is a skilled organizer and passionate teacher, dedicated to her work. She was a student of the Ohashiatsu® program and trained as a Facilitator of Zen-Stretching®. She became a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor (COI) and created the first Ohashi School in France. Barbara also took on the task of translating and adapting all the teaching materials into French. Ohashi and Bonnie visited the school in France many times, as well as other COI from Italy and Europe.

When working as an artistic advisor in Italy, she learned how the body works through dance, yoga, and aikido and also discovered the virtues of energy work. For Barbara, “The Art of Touch” is sensitive communication that allows the practitioner to listen and understand the body, without judgment, in order to release physical and emotional tension. In her work, she approaches the whole person, body and spirit, as one being.

Always curious and open-minded, she continues to deepen her knowledge and experiment with bodywork wellness techniques, gradually adding them to her teachings. Her movement and health maintenance methods combine Zen Stretching Shiatsu® and dance, sensory pedagogy, Watsu (water shiatsu), Eastern psychological analysis, and other wellness programs.

Barbara has created her own practice, “Sensitive Shiatsu” and is developing “Zen Thai Shiatsu”. She teaches both as part of an internship program, along with the original The Art of Touch training.

Barbara teaches at her studio, DOJO LES SENS DU MONDE, in Paris.

Barbara Aubry - Praticienne de Shiatsu agréée FFST formatrice
L'Art du Toucher (Formations à Paris)

Dojo Les Sens du Monde

17, rue Lisfranc / 75020 Paris / M° Gambetta ou Porte de Bagnolet

Tél : 06 13 52 31 88 ou 01 43 64 07 19

Ivan Bel

Ivan Bel is a martial artist with more than 30 years of experience, and a shiatsu practitioner and teacher for more than 20 years. He started firstly with Japanese martial arts (Aikido, Karate, and Iaido), and then Sino-Vietnamese (Qwankido, Taijiquan, Qigong). This gave him the necessary grounding and discipline to advance in Shiatsu, and to understand the sense of movement and the use of the body in Shiatsu. He has been studying and teaching meditation for 25 years, allowing him to deepen the intimate understanding of the mind-body and the mechanisms of thought and emotions. 

He encountered Shiatsu through Aikido during a summer intensive camp in 1998.  In 2000, he started his journey in Shiatsu do and he continues to learn from different shiatsu schools.  After studying at Namikoshi and Yoseido schools, he follows Ohashiatsu, Koho Shiatsu, and Movement Shiatsu training. He also completed two different approaches to oriental medicine. 

After founding two Shiatsu schools in Belgium, he is now living in different countries, promoting  Shiatsu in Africa, and giving workshops all over Europe. He also is a journalist, specializing in Shiatsu, interviewing many Sensei and great teachers around the world. You can read his articles in English and French on his blog. 

In 2016, he created Ryoho Shiatsu which is not a new style of practicing Shiatsu but rather, a state of mind inviting all people who want to follow a complete approach with therapeutic Shiatsu, meditation, Qi gong, and martial arts. He specializes in infertility issues, pregnancy follow-up and post-partum, chronic fatigue, and burn-out.

Location: 855, route de Saint-Pastour 47440 Pailloles France

Belgium, Malawi

Whatsapp: +33/695537594



Bernard Bouheret

Bernard Bouheret has practiced Shiatsu shi for 40 years. He started his training in 1977 while also studying physiotherapy in Montpellier in the South of France. In 1981, after receiving his physiotherapy diploma, he went to the school of OKUYAMA sensei in Omiya in Saitama Ken, Japan.

He lived for several months in Ushi Deshi at the Hombu Dojo, and he practiced the martial arts taught at the Hakko Ryu school (the Yawara).

Returning to France, Bernard has been practicing without respite for 40+ years.

In 2001, 20 years after his trip to Japan, Bernard founded the Ecole de Shiatsu Thérapeutique (EST). He practices the "Sei Shiatsu Do" style of shiatsu. Bernard has written four books on shiatsu including a vade mecum, which is a reference book on the therapeutic level.

Bernard's school is very prosperous. There are no less than 270 people who are now students. The EST website is

Bernard is still active and has an immense passion for shiatsu.

E.S.T - Ecole de Shiatsu Thérapeutique

1, boulevard Arago - 75013 PARIS

Tel: 06 32 66 73 64

Jean-Francois (Jeff) Descoubes

Jeff Descoubes lives near Paris, France. He is a graphic and motion designer. He is also a musician. He has practiced karate and aikido and then discovered shiatsu with a Japanese friend.

He trained with Master Hiroshi Iwaoka, founder of the "Myo-Energetique" shiatsu technique and school in France. Jeff learned a lot from him including traditional Japanese shiatsu, Sotai therapy, and direct moxibustion. Jeff also studied Shiatsu Kuretake with Master Masanori Okamoto, and studied Seiki Soho with Master Frans Coppers.

As a shiatsu practitioner, Jeff continues to learn more about shiatsu while broadening his shiatsu skills. In addition to his shiatsu practice, Jeff loves to grow bonsai trees in his garden and enjoys traveling.

“Shiatsu has been a life-changer for me, and the more I practice… the more I love to learn and go further in my skills.” Jeff Descoubes

Location: Montfort-l'Amaury, France


Phone: +33 6 60 92 18 98

Toshi Ichikawa

Tokyoite by birth, Toshi ICHIKAWA settled in Paris in 1998. Toshi discovered shiatsu at a young age within the family. His father, who regularly suffers from back pain, asks him to press his back with his feet for relief. A special moment between father and son sets in. Toshi then discovers the benefit of this non-verbal communication.

Once an adult, he will decide to deepen his knowledge of shiatsu and become more professional. From 1992 to 2003, in Japan and France, he trained with three teachers, all in the tradition of Shizuto MASUNAGA's Zen shiatsu: professors Susumu KIMURA, Danielle IWAHARA-CHEVILLON, and Yasutaka HANAMURA (who translated two books by S. MASUNAGA in French).

Since 2003, he has been teaching shiatsu in France and works as a full-time shiatsu professional in Paris, in a paramedical practice near Montparnasse.

The teachings that Toshi transmits in his school are based on the current of Zen shiatsu, a form of shiatsu very widespread in Western countries. It is a gentle, caring, listening style of shiatsu. However, he does not hesitate to integrate certain elements of oriental energy practices, such as Seitai or Japanese sôtai, in preparation exercises, to strengthen the energy and flexibility necessary for the proper conduct of a shiatsu session.

Location: Paris, France


Telephone: +33 06 75 61 37 61

Michael Gitlin

During his career as an office worker, Michael began contemplating a way of life that incorporated more meaningful relations with his fellow humans. It seemed that our lifestyles were contributing to many of our problems, from chronic back pain to anxiety, obesity, migraine headaches, as well as numerous others issues. He has been studying martial arts for some years and noticed that the movements involved served as a template for healthy activity in everyday life.

Michael graduated from the Swedish Institute in 1995 and The Ohashi Institute in 2002. He then started his professional activity working in many different settings: medical offices, day spas, on-site, and alternative health centers. Thus, after more than 25 years of practice, he brings his experience to each individual client and creates a session specially tailored to that individual with the belief that a human touch is a powerful tool in helping people heal. Michael is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in New York State.



Address: Montesson, 78360 France

Phone: +33 (069) 516-9781



Helmut Kigen Bräuer

Master of Education, Psychology and Philosophy of Religion. For over 25 years lecturer for Shiatsu at major schools in German-speaking countries and Hungary. 1990 Founder of the Körperschule Allgäu for Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Shiatsu with focus on energetic bodywork and meditation. 

Studies with various masters and protagonists of different cultures, in Shiatsu especially A. Kishi, W. Ohashi, Paul Lundberg, Cliff Andrews and especially as a longtime personal student, companion and translator of Pauline Sasaki (Zen-Shiatsu/Quantum-Shiatsu).


Buddhist Zen monk (Rinzai-Ji) for 25 years now and founder of EMPTY-TOUCH-Shiatsu (since 1996). In addition, work with body-mind-soul, voice, overtone and mainly the focus on the inner and outer attitude in being. Especially the encounter with the concerns of the 'people from the street' are the work of Helmut Kigen Bräuer everyday legacy and mission.

Location: Kempten, Germany


Klaus Metzner

“I began as a “Beginner's 1” with Ohashi Sensei in Berlin in August of 1981, got my diploma in NYC in 1984, and soon afterward became a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor in Munich, the first one abroad. I organized the Ohashi Institute activities here in Munich for seven years, translated numerous courses and workshops with Ohashi, and learned from all those fabulous SECA teachers of that era, among them Pamela Hannay, Lindy Ferrigno, Esther Turnbull, Pamela Ferguson, Michele Schuman, Mitchel Wolf, Margie Joy Walden, and Ron de Koning. Through them, I finally also connected with Pauline Sasaki who became our teacher and mentor for many years, also here in Munich.

And then, when staying at the Ohashi’s another time for teachers’ training in 1985 – or was it ‘86? - I faintly remember the arrival of a shy young woman; Ohashi’s niece from Japan at the Ohashi’s 55th Street Institute. Her name: Kumiko Kanayama.

After Ohashi left in 1989, we restructured our school and started the European Shiatsu Institute in 1990, soon with growing branches in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria, and ever since, I am head of the school in Munich. Have a look here if you like"

 If you want to know more about today’s topic:

Sei-Ki. The Secret Art Of Shiatsu, Akinobu Kishi with Alice Whieldon, Singing Dragon, London 2011

Location: Munich, Germany 


YouTube: ShiatsuArt
Facebook: esimuenchen
Instagram: shiatsuart

Wilfried Rappenecker

Wilfried Rappenecker started to study Shiatsu in 1981 while working as a doctor in an ICU in a hospital. He was on his way to becoming a general practitioner when his encounter with Shiatsu fundamentally changed his view of life, health, and illness. Shiatsu gave Wilfried’s life an unexpectedly new and different direction. Today, as a general practitioner, he practices Shiatsu almost exclusively. His Shiatsu practice and lessons still give him much pleasure even after 30 years.

Since it was founded in 1987, Wilfried headed the School for Shiatsu in Hamburg. Thirty years later in July 2017, he passed on the school’s leadership role to his successor, Birte Ernestus-Holtkamp. Through 2016, Wilfried was also the Director of the International Shiatsu School (ISS) Kiental, and he was the initiator and Director of the European Shiatsu Congresses (ESC) 2004 - 2014. He is co-founder of the Shiatsu Society Germany (GSD).

Wilfried believes “it is very important that the content and heart of Shiatsu in books and articles are available to the public as well as students and practitioners.” That is why he is involved as an author, co-author, and editor of a total of 7 specialist books on Shiatsu ( and numerous articles on Shiatsu that reflect his experience and understanding of Shiatsu.


Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke

Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke is a qualified shiatsu teacher (GSD) and physical therapist with additional training in children´s physiotherapy. She is a Program Coordinator and Lecturer for the University Certification Program for Developmental Support.

She has devoted herself to research that combines:

  • Western medical framework, incorporating child development from a psychomotor perspective,

  • developmental physiology and child education therapy, and

  • Sino-Japanese philosophy and training.

Based on this research, Karin and Dr. Thomas Wernicke developed the energetic development concept.

For over 30 years, her work as a shiatsu lecturer for adults, children, and babies, has taken her abroad on a regular basis to many European countries, and to the USA, Japan, and Australia. She developed the Samurai Program which found its way into schools, kindergartens, and elder people's homes in more than ten countries in Europe and beyond.

As an author of over 100 publications and numerous textbooks, some published in several languages, she is a pioneer of shiatsu for babies and children, adapting the current state of scientific knowledge in her work.

Location: Alte Dorfgasse 13 65239 Hochheim am Main, Germany


www.Developmental Concept

Dr. Thomas Wernicke

Thomas Wernicke is a General Practitioner with additional training in natural healing methods, acupuncture, chirotherapy, manual infant and child-treatment, diagnostics in early childhood development, classical homeopathy and psychosomatics.

He is medical director of the therapy center, therapeuticum rhein-main, Germany, where he predominantly treats children. His main interest lies with research and treatment using shōnishin, needle-less Japanese child-acupuncture.

Well-trained in Osaka by one of the leading Japanese pediatric acupuncturists, Masanori Tanioka, he developed Shōnishin further and set new standards. As an internationally recognized and demanded expert in Shōnishin, he acts as a training manager in many European countries, Asia (incl. Japan), Australia and in the USA. Beside numerous scientific publications he published several textbooks about Shōnishin.

He is a member of the Japanese Science Society for Pediatric Acupuncture (Nihon Shoni Hari Gakkei) as well as founding member and president of the International Society for Traditional Japanese Medicine (IGTJM e.V.) and co-initiator of international congresses for Japanese medicine.

Location: therapeuticum rhein-main

Alte Dorfgasse 13

65239 Hochheim

Tel: 06145-52672




Raviv Peleg

Raviv Peleg is the present Head of the Pediatric Integrative Oncology Program, at the Hemato-Oncology Department of The Schneider Children’s Hospital in Israel. Raviv is an experienced practitioner of shiatsu, Sotai movement therapy, guided imagery, and hydrotherapy.

Raviv’s career is focused on alternative therapies with pediatric and adult oncology patients, primarily at hospitals including the Schneider Children’s Hospital, the Sheba Hospital Adult Oncology Department, and Beilinson Hospital/Rabin Medical Centre Alternative Medicine Unit. He also works with disabled children doing hydrotherapy and swimming treatment.

Raviv was a Shiatsu Lecturer at Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv, Israel, and led hydrotherapy and swimming treatment programs in Emek Hefer Regional Council.

Currently, he also works as a shiatsu therapist at ‘The Kindergarten of Dreams,’ the world’s first sterile, educational, and recovery center for ex-cancerous children.

WhatsApp: + 972 50-910-0070




Nobuyuki Fujisaki  sensei




経 絡 指 圧 普 及 会


経 絡 指 圧 普 及 会
東京都豊島区池袋2-55-12 セピア池袋Ⅱ-603
℡/Fax 03-3985-1060


Masami Fujisaki sensei



経 絡 指 圧 普 及 会
東京都豊島区池袋2-55-12 セピア池袋Ⅱ-603
℡/Fax 03-3985-1060


Yasuhiro Irie sensei

1969年 柔術を始める

1988年 指圧国家資格習得

1989年 鍼灸国家資格習得

1991年 柔道整復師 国家資格習得

1995年 皇光道柔術設立

Location: 埼玉市大宮区吉敷町3-176-3



WWW: KoKoDo Bu-Jutsu (

Yuji Namikoshi Sensei 

浪越雄二:1965年生まれ東京都出身 祖父は浪越徳治郎 日本指圧専門学校卒 





〒112-0002 東京都文京区小石川2-15-6 





10,000円*(税込) 60分 一人 180分以上






NAYO Takasaki, sensei

NAYO TAKASAKI is a Choreographer, and Dance, Chi Kong and Tai Chi Ruler teacher, as well as a member of the International Dance Council - CID UNESCO. 

Nayo was born and raised in Tokyo with her father, a physician; her mother, a kindergarten principal, and her four brothers. She is a graduate of the Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education.

In 1981, Nayo moved to New York City to work as a dancer. In 1984, she started the dance troupe “Nayo & Friends” continuing her dance activities.  Around this time she became interested in world healing arts including Eastern medicine. 

She studied shiatsu at The Ohashi Institute graduating in 1988. Since graduation, she has worked as a shiatsu practitioner for many years.  In 1987, Nayo began her studies of the many types of chi kong, including Tai Chi Ruler.  She has also studied reflexology, Tai Chi Churn, regimen and meditation with Kwan Sai-hung  (Taoist, spiritual leader), Chen Shou-ren and Chia Man-Tak. 

In 2004, Nayo returned to Tokyo, Japan to teach dance and exercise at the ” Wellness Nayo Studio”. In 2005, she founded the performing group “ D’dash”. 

She is currently active with both the studio and the D’dash group. 

Nayo has also published a book about Tai Chi Ruler, written in Japanese (2018):『タイチールーラー 』中高齢者に最適なエクササイズ。著者;高崎ナヨ


WELLNESS   NAYO   STUDIO              

1-3-10 Miharadai Nerima-ku Tokyo Japan 

Tel:  011-81- 3-3978-3203


Philippe Vandenabeele 

Philippe Vandenabeele is a Senior Shiatsu practitioner and teacher based in Fukuoka, Japan. With 30 years of clinical and teaching experience, Philippe has consolidated his knowledge, insights, and practical experience to develop his own unique approach: the Shinzui Bodywork Method. Shinzui Bodywork is a whole-body manual therapy firmly rooted in Eastern bodywork traditions with a special focus on abdominal work, meridian work, and enriched with Western visceral, fascial, and musculoskeletal bodywork. 

He is the author of “Ampuku Abdominal Acupressure: The Classics at Heart of Japanese Bodywork" which includes the first complete English translation of the Ampuku Zukai and the chapters on Ampuku and Fukushin from the Anma Tebiki.

More information:

Workshop Location: Gyoganji Buddhist temple

13-18 Susakicho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka,

Fukuoka 812-0028, Japan

(9 min. walking from Nakasukawabata Station)

Mailing Address: Jōnan-Ku, Fukuoka, 814-0143 Japan


Hiroko Kobayashi

Hiroko Kobayashi grew up in Saga prefecture, on the island of Kyushu in Japan. This is where she trained in Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology before moving to Europe, where she learned Shiatsu.


To deepen her understanding of Shiatsu, she traveled back regularly to Japan to study at the Iokai Shiatsu Center in Tokyo. Hiroko is an invaluable assistant in Philippe Vandenabeele’s courses at Shinzui Bodywork International Institute, where she contributes with her rich knowledge of Japanese culture and tradition. Next to Shiatsu, her great passions are Tea ceremony, Cooking, and making handbags.



Winter Jade 

Grandmother (formerly Lindy Ferrigno), Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), CI (AOBTA) – has been practicing Shiatsu since 1975 and teaching across the United States and Europe since 1977.  Over the decades she has studied with many leaders in the field of shiatsu and bodywork, including Dr. Shizuto Masunaga, author of Zen Shiatsu, and Zen Imagery Exercises; Shinmei Akinobu Kishi, author of Sei-Ki: Life in Resonance:  and Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral, author Visceral Manipulation.

As an expert in the field, she has been the creator and director of Shiatsu programs in five states, which resulted in national certification for acupuncture colleges (masters degree), community colleges, and massage schools. Her extensive career has led to specialties in pain management, joint improvement, organ manipulation, restoring immune function, reproductive health, and recovery from surgeries, accidents and injuries.

Practicing bodywork led Grandmother Winter Jade Forest to realize that healing happens on many levels, and she wanted to know more about the non-physical aspects. Starting in 1980, she embarked on apprenticeships with healers from four different cultural traditions – Celtic, Shinto, Cherokee and Russian. After decades of initiations and vision quests, her elders and mentors endorsed her to share the teachings of their lineages. As a Shamanic Guide, she transmits this knowledge in private sessions or group classes by teaching foundational practices and journeying techniques.

“People find it easier to be happy when they can move freely without pain. My pleasure and purpose are to help reduce or eradicate both the physical pain and the personal suffering that makes it worse.”

Cell: 847-975-7959




Valentina Capoduri

Valentina Capoduri, from Italy, has been a Shiatsuka since 2011, and a member of APOS Association through the Tuscany Coordination Group since 2015.

Before studying shiatsu, she worked in hotel management. Dedicated to her job, her hands and fingers worked tirelessly on her laptop and mobile phone. In 2009, she became a mother, changing her focus, spending time exclusively with her young daughter. It was during this period, she experienced the importance of human touch, and physical contact with her daughter as her teacher, who needed her mother’s presence, and recognized her from the motherly touch.

This perception as a new mother encouraged Valentina to leave her management job and look for something that could teach her a new way to help and sustain her daughter’s growth. That is why she joined the holistic world, first through a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine and then, attending shiatsu school. She never gave up doing shiatsu and “now, this (shiatsu) is my passion and profession!”

She has studied with Shigeru Onoda, Kazunori Sasaki, Wataru Ohashi, Toshi Ichikawa, Tomas Nelissen, David Ventura, David Home, and has taking classes and studied: Shiatsu for Children, Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Cromopuncture and Iokai.

Valentina is also very active in the shiatsu community supporting APOS in organizing events and translating for foreign teachers; developing shiatsu conferences in Tuscany; working with hotel and spas as a free-lance shiatsu practitioner; offering school children shiatsu lessons; cooperating with DBN Magazine; and her practice in Shiatsu for Pregnancy.

“Thanks to this extraordinary opportunity, I realized how important in human life are touch and physical contact…My daughter was a great teacher...She needed my presence and recognized me from my touch.” Valentina Capoduri

Whatsapp + 39.347.9052455
Email: or

Meri Fogarollo

Meri Fogarollo was first introduced to shiatsu in 1984 when she started studying and practicing shiatsu with Wataru Ohashi and Attilio Somenzi in Padua, and then in Switzerland with Saul Goodman, Wilfried Rappenecker, and Martin Halsey.

She received her certificates of professional shiatsu therapist, first at the International Macrobiotic Institute of Kiental, Switzerland in 1993, then at the Federazione Italiana Shiatsu in 1995. In 1997 she earned a yoga teacher certificate at the Sivananda School at Neyyar Dam, India. She continued her professional training in Italy, in the USA, and in Austria with Saul Goodman.

She was one of the first teachers at the Scuola Internazionale di Shiatsu in Italy, where she has been working and organizing training courses for more than two decades.
Since 1996, she has been collaborating with the Children's Hospital in Padua and coordinates a group of shiatsu therapists who volunteers at the hospital.

Shiatsu Milano Editore has published three books by Marisa (Meri) Fogarollo:
1) Shiatsu e Bimbi. Un tocco d'amore per il benessere del tuo bambino, 2013
2) Shiatsu. Per un armonico sviluppo dei nostri ragazzi, 2016
3) Shiatsu. Per il corpo e per l'anima. Esperienze in Pediatria, 2021

Silvia Marchesa Rossi

Silvia Marchesa Rossi founded the association "Il Vaso di Pandora" in 1993 to teach Ohashiatsu®️ in Milan, Italy and other cities in Europe and the USA until 2013.  In this association she conceived the practice of Zen-Stretching®️, based on the original use of Masunaga's Zen Imagery Exercises, now widespread in Italy and France. She also practices and teaches Qi Gong, Reiki, Motherpeace Round Tarots, Jin Shin Do®️, Hypnosis.

Please find my Zen-Stretching lessons, together with Alessandra Baggioli:

During this period of Coronavirus you can register for free on the Vitality Tao website and attend all the lessons, leaving only your account details.
Location: Milan, Italy

WhatsApp: +39 347 245 9059
Silvia Marchesa-Rossi Circolo Arci Il Vaso di Pandora Via G. Tartini, 38 - 20158 - Milano
tel. 02/36514463 - 347/2459059

Patrizia Stefanini

Patrizia Stefanini has worked since 1983 as a shiatsu practitioner, becoming over the years a teacher and a principal of ESI, European Shiatsu Institute, branches of Milano and Firenze. 

With a Ph.D. in Health Physics, Shiatsu for her is merely the natural evolution of her study and experience as a physicist. Starting out as a student of Wataru Ohashi and afterward Pauline Sasaki for 20 years, Patrizia’s shiatsu is actually rich with references to the fundamental theories of Modern Physics, and, in the light of this, she could originally interpret the oriental disciplines and philosophies of healing methods.

She is the co-author of 3 books and author of many popular and scientific articles published in academic journals, including the Journal of Physics and JAMS (Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies).

Firenze, Piazza Mascagni 10, 50127 Firenze, Italy
Milano, via Aristotele 39, 20128 Milano, Italy

Domenico Bassi

Domenico Bassi studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi in the 1970's-1980’s. He graduated from the Ohashi Institute and became an instructor in 1991. He teaches Iridology practical applications of TCM at the Naturopathic School of Urbino, Italy.  

Co-Director of Ohashiatsu in Torino-Italy.

Cell/WhatsApp +39 333 78 54 269

Luigi Gargiulo

Luigi Gargiulo sensei is the creator of MI ZAI Shiatsu and founder of the MI ZAI Institute.  
Born in 1953 in Asti, he is a practitioner and expert of Eastern arts since adolescence. He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, is a scholar and practitioner of Zen Buddhism, and is a VII Dan in Aikido. The desire for a deeper knowledge leads Master L. Gargiulo to study and practice in Italy, Switzerland, England, the United States, and Japan.

The influence of masters such as H. Tada sensei, W. Ohashi sensei, Suzuki sensei, and H. Maeda sensei, plus his years teaching for the Ohashi Institute, his studies carried out in the East, the constant practice of aikido, shiatsu, Waraku, and his experience as a therapist determine the maturation and synthesis of all the lessons received.

In 1996, he founded the MI ZAI Shiatsu school, which promotes the study of the art of Shiatsu with schools in Italy, Switzerland, England, and the USA. As director, he led the course of study program, and the postgraduate and teacher training programs in various Italian and foreign cities.

He has practiced Aikido since 1973 and has taught since 1978. He is one of the pioneers of Waraku in Italy following Maeda sensei in Italy and Japan. The MI ZAI Dojo was born in 1978 in Asti under the name of Aikikai Asti; from this year forward, the teaching and study of Aikido for the master Luigi Gargiulo never ceased. Like all in Aikido of those years, he studied with H. Tada sensei, Y. Fujimoto sensei, H. Hosokawa sensei, J. Nomoto sensei, and M. Ikeda sensei. Later, in the years of his frequent trips, he was able to practice and study with many other masters such as K. Choate sensei in Chicago, Kanetsuka sensei in London and in Japan with S. Yamaguchi sensei and the second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Youtube: Luigi Gargiulo

Roberto Palasciano

Roberto Palasciano is a Didactic Director of the Milan branch of the International School of Shiatsu Italy, since 1998, and is a member of the scientific committee of the Lombardy region for Bio-Natural disciplines. Roberto is a shiatsu operator and teacher certified by the Italian Federation of shiatsu teachers and operators (FISieo) since 1998. He is an organizer and teacher of ECM courses for health personnel at the San Paolo and Besta hospital institutes in Milan. 

Roberto Palasciano is the editorial director and columnist at Shiatsu Milano Editore (SME), an independent publisher based in Milan that focuses on books about bio-natural disciplines and shiatsu. He also organizes courses held in Italy by Haruhiko Masunaga Sensei, director of the Iokai Centre in Tokyo, with whom he is in contact for the translation of the books of his father Shizuto Masunaga.

Roberto Palasciano – Shiatsu Therapist, teacher and Didactic Director of Scuola Internationale di Shiatsu Italia, in Milan; Publishing Director of Shiatsu Milano Editore (SME).

Facebook: @shiatsumilanoeditore
Instagram: shiatsu_milano_editore


Manuela Perardi

Manuela Perardi – Shiatsu Therapist, translations Japanese/Italian for SME.
Serena Trotti – Shiatsu Therapist, editorial collaborator and commercial coordinator for SME.
Roberto, Manuela and Serena together conduct the Anpuku Zukai courses.
Shiatsu Milano Editore is a small independent publisher based in Milan (Italy) dealing with bio-natural disciplines, in particular shiatsu: for their disclosure, we publish books and organize workshops.

Thanks to our Publishing Director Mr. Roberto Palasciano, also a shiatsu teacher and Didactic Director of Scuola Internazionale di Shiatsu Italia (Italian Shiatsu International School) in Milan, we are in connection from 2011 with Iokai Shiatsu Center in Tokyo ( and we have a good cooperation with Haruhiko Masunaga sensei (Shizuto Masunaga’s son and present Director of Iokai Center).

Serena Trotti

Serena Trotti lives in Valtellina, Italy near Milan. She has been a professional Shiatsu Practitioner since 2011. She is listed in the Italian Federation of Shiatsu Practitioners and Teachers, FISieo. Serena’s shiatsu specialty is Anpuku, the ancient Japanese abdominal treatment, which she practices and teaches. She supervised the translation of the book, Anpuku Zukai, written by Shinsai Ota. 
She is a co-founder of Okami Kumo, a Japanese Cultural Association, located in Netro, Biella province. Okami Kumo organizes training classes and seminars for shiatsu practitioners, and also hosts many other types of specialized courses and symposia conducted by some of the best Italian and international teachers including: the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu, founded by Kumiko Kanayama Sensei in New York City, and Ryoho Shiatsu, Ivan Bel's school. The Association periodically hosts Anthony Fidler when he teaches his Sei-Ki and Heart Touch course, and Anton Gerona from Spain, an expert in Therapeutic Feng Shui and Quantum Physics.
Serena works with both children and adults in her shiatsu practice.  Her focus is on insomnia, anxiety, and chronic tiredness. She also uses her shiatsu practice to treat issues with fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, as well as many other conditions. 

WhatsApp: + 39 349 533 7701 

Manuela Perardi studied Asian Languages, Asian culture, and philosophy at Torino University. After winning a university scholarship, she perfected her Japanese language at the Kyoto University of Foreign Languages. While there, she took the opportunity to travel throughout Japan developing a deeper knowledge of Japanese culture and history.

Returning to Italy, she put together the two most significant interests of her life: health and Asian culture. She studied Reflexology and Nutrition at Firenze Institute of Reflexology, and studied at the Shiatsu International School in Milan. During her Shiatsu training, she had the pleasure and the honor to meet and attend seminars with Haruiko Masunaga Sensei and Toshi Ichikawa Sensei.

Mother of two daughters born at home, Manuela developed a particular interest in natural and physiological delivery, breastfeeding, nursing, and nourishment. She has cooperated with a Midwives Association spreading the knowledge about pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. Manuela also trained as a Montessori Educator teaching English at the Montessori School of Candelo-Biella. Here she started programs using Shiatsu and meridian stretching for kids.

In 2018, Manuela began her collaboration with Shiatsu Milano Editore Publisher, translating books from Japanese into Italian. She already collaborated with the translation of Shinsai Ota's Anpuku Zukai, and the 1st Volume of Shizuto Masunaga's Keiraku to Shiatsu. Currently, she is working on the translation of Keiraku to Shiatsu, 2nd Volume.

Together with the Shiatsu Milano Editore Team, she teaches classes explaining the abdominal treatment and diagnosis described in Anpuku Zukai through the meanings of Japanese ideograms. She believes that to enter Shiatsu profoundly, it is fundamental to learn it through the analysis of the ideograms, which hold the philosophy of Japanese culture and medicine.

Aways improving her self-evolution with attention to mind and body, she has practiced Kung fu, Karate, Yoga and Acro-yoga, attended Bert Hellinger's Family Constellation groups and experimented with Rebirthing Therapy, a therapeutic technique used to revisit the trauma experienced during birth.

Manuela co-founded a Japanese Cultural Association called Okami Kumo to spread knowledge about Japanese culture, medicine, and philosophy through classes and workgroups. She also has been following a women's traditional Talking Circle, a sharing and introspection practice rooted in Ancient Native American teachings.

Cell/WhatsApp: + 39.347.3134466
Facebook: Manuela Perardi
Instagram: Manu Shiatsu
Skype: manulineskype

Michele Terenzon, owns the Centro Zen Shiatsu Pavia (, near Milan, Italy, where he practices Masunaga’s Method of Shiatsu. 

Michele graduated with a degree in Geology, and worked as a geophysicist for about 30 years. It was extremely precious, his encounter with Aikido in 2001, then with Kung-Fu Meihuaquan in 2009, which introduced him to the shiatsu world in 2017.

He is a Shiatsu Operator, who graduated from the European Institute of Shiatsu of Milan and Florence, directed by Dr. Patrizia Stefanini. He is also a FISieo member (Italian Shiatsu Federation of teachers and operators), as well as enrolled in the list of Bio-Natural Disciplines of the Lombardy region (Italy), and in continuous training in the field of Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Body Techniques.

Centro Zen Shiatsu Pavia
Viale Bligny, 41
27100 Pavia (Italia)

Tel./Whatsapp: +39-339-7518595
Facebook: Centro Zen Shiatsu Pavia

Sara Vanin

Originally from Italy, Sara grew up surrounded by a love and passion for plants and nature. Her family owns and runs a plant nursery where they grow shrubs and roses.
While working in the family business, Sara became interested in yoga and shiatsu. She began studying and practicing shiatsu in 1997, graduating from the Ohashi Institute in 2001, becoming a Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor in 2005.

In 2007, Sara began teaching shiatsu, ethics and supervising the students in clinic at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (now Pacific College of Health and Science) in Chicago, IL, where she taught for 12 years.

She has been on the faculty at ZenShiatsu Chicago and Elgin Community College teaching Chinese Medicine, shiatsu and continuing education classes for massage therapists.

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2012), Yoga Teacher (Himalayan Institute). She found a way to incorporate the plants that she love so much as allies in the treatment healing space through fragrance energetics, combining essential oils to the acupuncture points. She is trained as an AromaPoint Therapist with Peter Holmes, L.Ac., MH and Tiffany Pollard L.Ac. MH)
She’s currently in Italy taking care of family.

Location: Treviso, Italy & Chicago, USA
+ 39 348 419 0920  + 1 847 962 5380🇺🇸 (WhatsApp only)

Oriana Viozzi

Oriana Viozzi was born in Italy in 1956 and received her Shiatsu Certificate in 1992 at the Meiso Shiatsu School in Rome, of which she is now the Director of Studies, together with Alfredo D'Angelo, her very first shiatsu teacher.

For over 10 years, she followed the teachings of Yuiji Yahiro who introduced Shiatsu to Italy in the 1980s, at the Ten Jin Chi Dojo, Coldordolo-Pesaro, where she studied different fields such as Shiatsu and Natural Health, Mindfulness, Corrective Exercise, and participated in intensive Retreats of Oki Do Yoga.

Since she became a mother, she deepened her study of Yoga and Natural Healing in everyday life, putting into practice the principle that our health is a common good to be preserved and nurtured by cultivating our natural resources and vitality.

Her training continued with different experiences in the Holistic practices such as:

  • Shamanic Circle of Sundance Medicine and Sweat Lodge with Debra Battong

  • Pranayama Training with Sri Jayendranatha

  • Intensive Workshops of Classical Chines Medicine with Dr. Giuseppe Negro

  • Workshop on MCC and Meridians by Giulia Boschi

  • MCC and Qi Gong with Dr Hu

  • Intensive workshops on Shiatsu for Mother and Child with Suzanne Yates

In 2007, she joined APOS (Professional Association for Shiatsu Practitioners and Teachers) and is following the annual updating program of workshops and conferences, some of them with international speakers like Suzanne Yates, Wataru Ohashi, Shigeru Onoda, Toshi Ichikawa.
Since 2016, she has been a member of the Board of Directors for APOS. In November 2019, she was one of the speakers at the National Conference for the 20th Anniversary of APOS Foundation, together with Tomas Nelissen (Austria), David Home (Great Britain) and David Ventura (Spain).
“Shiatsu is my Passion and Profession for 30 years; the first place where I put Shiatsu into practice has been my family, my husband and sons being my first beloved Uke!” Oriana Viozzi.
Location: Centro Il Fiume via Dalmati, 37 - 00136 - Rome
Tel. 06/4451244 - 3277406993 +39 3338630234



Ivan Bel 

van Bel is a martial artist with more than 30 years of experience, and a shiatsu practitioner and teacher for more than 20 years. He started firstly with Japanese martial arts (Aikido, Karate, and Iaido), and then Sino-Vietnamese (Qwankido, Taijiquan, Qigong). This gave him the necessary grounding and discipline to advance in Shiatsu, and to understand the sense of movement and the use of the body in Shiatsu. He has been studying and teaching meditation for 25 years, allowing him to deepen the intimate understanding of the mind-body and the mechanisms of thought and emotions. 

He encountered Shiatsu through Aikido during a summer intensive camp in 1998.  In 2000, he started his journey in Shiatsu do and he continues to learn from different shiatsu schools.  After studying at Namikoshi and Yoseido schools, he follows Ohashiatsu, Koho Shiatsu, and Movement Shiatsu training. He also completed two different approaches to oriental medicine. 

After founding two Shiatsu schools in Belgium, he is now living in different countries, promoting  Shiatsu in Africa, and giving workshops all over Europe. He also is a journalist, specializing in Shiatsu, interviewing many Sensei and great teachers around the world. You can read his articles in English and French on his blog. 

In 2016, he created Ryoho Shiatsu which is not a new style of practicing Shiatsu but rather, a state of mind inviting all people who want to follow a complete approach with therapeutic Shiatsu, meditation, Qi gong, and martial arts. He specializes in infertility issues, pregnancy follow-up and post-partum, chronic fatigue, and burn-out.

WhatsApp: +33/695537594

Email: or


FB pages:



Ellen Driscoll

Ellen became a Licensed Physical Therapist in 1985 after graduating from FIU: Florida International University, in Miami, Florida. This was preceded by studies in Biology and Health Sciences form the University of Maryland and Catholic University, Washington, DC .Further studies include over 1000 hours in Continuing Education in areas of Orthopedic, Neurologic and Rehabilitative coursework from 1986-current. Of these, most courses were manual techniques: including Cranial-Sacral Work and Myofascial Release. Her shiatsu certification was obtained through study at the Ohashi Institute in New York, Maryland, and Bari, Italy.


She graduated with the Advanced Ohashiatsu certification in 2009.Since 2014 she has owned Shape Shifters Wellness Studio, a private practice out-patient setting, treating clients with bicycle related injuries and the community at large, in a local bike shop in Ellicott City, Md. With a unique niche as a Bike PT, she has also added Kinisiotaping, Dry Needling and Yoga certifications to her plethora of modalities. Although she aspires to positive healing outcomes, educating her clients and the public in self-care has always been the pinnacle of her professional mission.

Location: 5010 Dorsey Hall Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21042

: (410) 997-0555


Kyle Brooks, LMT

It is my mission to:

  • Hold a safe space for my clients and help them by using my knowledge of a variety of hands-on and energy-based modalities.   

  • Be available as a mentor to other practitioners and provide insights and guidance that might improve the quality of their practice. 

  • Maintain my health so that I am able to continue my passion. 

  • Remember to savor moments of joy, wonder, humor and love; and to offer compassion, consideration and respect. 


Cell: 443-514-4399


Heartfelt Shiatsu

Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage and more...

Paula has a long-standing interest in healing practices that are holistic, intuitive, and reflect the interconnectedness between practitioner and recipient. She graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2008.   Her work is still centered in this training, but Shiatsu Shin Tai (that is, “life force recovery”) added other perspectives on Shiatsu. 


Techniques from Zero Balancing I and II, myofascial massage, mindfulness meditation, and a range of other practices are also included in her work, and her background as a psychologist enriches her understanding. She works independently in Baltimore, Maryland, affiliated with the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center.  

Paula also works independently as a researcher in Baltimore, formerly as “Paula Derry Enterprises in Health Psychology,” currently as "Paula Derry Holistic Health Perspectives."   


She has over thirty professional publications.   She has a PhD in clinical psychology from Yale University and postdoctoral training in research health psychology from Uniformed Services University.   Much of her work has been in women’s health.  She has analyzed how professionals and nonprofessionals think about health issues, and created new ways of thinking that are scientifically accurate, positive, and holistic/transdisciplinary.  


An expert on the menstrual cycle and menopause, she and her physicist husband collaborated on research that provided evidence that the menstrual cycle, throughout life including the transition to menopause, is the outcome of a complex system.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: (443) 610-9881

Sooyong Kim is a licensed massage therapist in the State of Maryland (Lic. Reg. Cert. No. M01267) and has a practice in Takoma Park, Md. She also works at Blue Heron Wellness in Silver Spring. A gifted, intuitive practitioner who creates space for your healing, Sooyong combines several modalities in her practice. She believes that every single person has the capacity to heal.

In 1998, she graduated from the Ohashi Institute in New York City, and completed her third level reiki training. She has studied Craniosacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release with the Upledger Institute, Vita Flex, Raindrop Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Zero Balancing, and has had extensive experience in the martial arts, including Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Aikido and Qigong.

Sooyong grew up in South Korea, Malaysia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. She worked in the corporate world in New York City after obtaining a BA in comparative literature and a certificate in European Cultural Studies from Princeton University.

After experiencing a call to the healing arts, she studied at the Ohashi Institute, and eventually moved to the Washington, D.C. area.

A facilitator of workshops on Laughter, Shiatsu, and Energy Healing, Sooyong continues to study the healing arts, since she believes that she is on a lifelong path of learning and discovery.

Location: Takoma Park, Md


Cell: 301-404-1314



Wendy S. Bolognesi

Wendy S Bolognesi has been a passionate proponent of Asian bodywork since her introduction to Shiatsu in 1978.  She studied at the Ohashi Institute, where she was certified as a Shiatsu therapist in 1990 and as an Ohashiatsu instructor in 1992.  She has been teaching, practicing, and studying Shiatsu ever since.

At the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy (BSMT), where she has been a faculty member since 1993, Wendy created and teaches a course in Asian Massage Techniques which focuses on Shiatsu as well as Acupressure and Thai Massage.  It is one of many courses she has developed and taught, on her own or in collaboration, at Bancroft and in other settings.

Along with teaching numerous courses in Shiatsu and other forms of Asian bodywork, Wendy has extensive experience in teaching Swedish, deep tissue, sports, and seated chair massage, as well as Reiki, anatomy and physiology, first aid, CPR, and spa treatments. She is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education to teach a wide range of courses in massage therapy and Asian bodywork.

In nearly twenty-six years at BSMT, Wendy has worked intensively with and for students:  teaching a wide variety of courses, working with students with varied learning styles, advising, tutoring in specific subjects as well as in preparation for certification exams, supervising internships and student clinics for the public, developing and supervising student volunteer projects, and developing new courses and curricula.  In the course of a multifaceted career, Wendy has gained experience in managing a variety of sometimes competing responsibilities, heading a department, and enhancing academic programs.

Wendy’s practice of massage and her teaching have deep roots in the community as well as at BSMT.  She treats clients in Worcester, Barre, and Hardwick, MA, and she often presents or co-presents workshops and continuing education classes in community settings.

Among Wendy’s particular interests is the self-application of acupressure for the treatment of PTSD & addiction, a subject she continues to explore.  She has engaged her students in volunteer work, such as providing massage for veterans at a local shelter. In 2001, she began teaching canine massage, and she looks forward to expanding her work in this area.


Cell: 413-695-0014

Amy Mills

Amy studied shiatsu at the Shiatsu School of Vermont. Shiatsu is Amy’s second career; she was a professor for fifteen years, and left her tenured position in 2019 to build a sustainable and harmonious daily life centered around family and community. The healing she experienced with shiatsu, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, meditation, a whole foods diet, and other therapies inspired her to embrace shiatsu as a way of life. Amy is honored to be supporting others in the joyful journey of wellbeing. She works with shiatsu to help people cultivate grounded confidence, ease in one's body, and genuine expression through life transitions at all ages.

Location: New Harmony Center for Health & Wellness, Beverly, MA


Phone: (978) 922-3030


John Kozinski is the founder of the in-person and online IDx(r) Diagnosis and Health Coach Training Program and the Full Spectrum Macrobiotic Approach. For 46 years, John has been teaching and providing natural health counseling in his private practice and at the Kushi Institute on the many facets of healing and maintaining health and happiness for tens of thousands of students and clients. John is a qigong/somatic/shiatsu practitioner complimenting his natural health teachings with bodywork that transforms ones physical and mental health.


His home office is in Nashville, TN. John provides in-person and long-distance services detailed at his website along with free articles, videos, and audios.

Nini Melvin

Nini Melvin founded Meridians Shiatsu Studio in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she has both a private practice and an apprenticeship program. She created Metamorphosis, blending movement and touch. She supports her clients and apprentices to become fully embodied and in alignment with their spirit’s path. With her background training in Shiatsu, Dance, and Qigong, Nini infuses her teaching and treatments with an interconnection to the natural world.

Nini has been a teacher and practitioner of Eastern Healing Arts for close to four decades. 

She began her Shiatsu training in 1981 at the Ohashi Institute in NYC, where she taught for 10 years and became a senior instructor. She has taught Shiatsu and trained practitioners and teachers internationally and locally since 1985. Nini is recognized by the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA) as a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and Instructor. Shiatsu students and practitioners who study with Nini can apply their hours toward Certification. Check out for more information.

Nini has also served as core faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, studied and practiced Aquatic Bodywork, and is a Reiki Master. She holds a Master’s degree in Dance Education from Temple University, in Philadelphia, and was a Choreographer and Dancer of works by many choreographers including Anna Sokolow, Lar Lubovitch, Garth Fagan, Ron Brown, Doug Varone, John Brooks and Alice Varga Forner. Nini is available for treatments, trainings, five-element consultations, and private lessons.

Meridians ~ Pathways to the Heart

Location: Northampton, MA

Contact: Nini Melvin


Cell: 978 413 3141

Ken Nelson, Ph.D

Ken Nelson, Ph.D., is dedicated to helping people heal, grow, and awaken with mind-body practices and the wisdom traditions. Ken is a long-time faculty member at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, in Stockbridge, MA. He has offered workshops worldwide since 1975. He directs a leadership training program serving teachers and presenters who want to offer dynamic, holistic, and interactive workshops, retreats, and trainings. 

He teaches accessible, beginner-friendly yoga, qigong, bodywork, and meditation. Ken is a cross-disciplinary innovator, originating programs such as Slow Yoga & Qigong, Thai-Shiatsu Bodywork, and Healthy Aging: The Wisdom Years. His CD, Yin Yoga, and DVD, Qigong & Taiji for Healing & Vitality, are Kripalu best sellers.

Ken is co-author with David Ronka, Lesli Lang, Jim White, and Liz Korabek-Emerson of, Designing & Leading Life-Changing Workshops: Creating the Conditions for Transformation in Your Groups, Trainings, and Retreats, #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Non-Formal Education. Ken is a former Fulbright lecturer. He holds a doctorate in interdisciplinary studies from Tulane University.

location: Kripalu, Stockbridge MA



cell phone: 413-854-841

New Jersey

New Jersey

Tom Augustyniak

Tom Augustyniak, MS, LMT - Founder and Owner of Zen Massage Center received his Masters Degree in Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland in 1985. In 1999 Tom graduated with honors from Helma Institute of Massage Therapy in Saddle Brook, NJ. The same year, he founded Zen Massage Center. From 1999 to 2008 Tom taught Western massage and Shiatsu at Helma Institute of Massage Therapy. In 2001, Tom started studying Shiatsu with Master Ohashi.


Two years later he graduated from the Ohashi Institute in NYC. In 2005 Master Ohashi invited Tom to teach Anatomy to Ohashiatsu students. He has been a member of the ABMP since 1999. For many years Tom has been an accomplished practitioner of Judo, receiving a 3rd degree black belt and 10 medals in National Championships, including a gold medal in 2008. In 2009 he won a bronze medal in Pan-American Championship.


In free time Tom loves long distance running and hiking, he finished many Marathons and Spartan races including New York City Marathon in 2013, Chicago 2016, Boston and Berlin, Germany in 2018. Years of experience in physical education, competing, coaching, and teaching have given Tom a very deep understanding of the human body and enhanced his ability to treat sports and repetitive stress injuries as well as use massage to help his clients maintain or regain good health.

Sessions are available by appointment at Zen Massage Center in Maywood, NJ.

”The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
Pablo Picasso
It is not important to be better than someone else, but to be better than yesterday.”

Jigoro Kano

Since Lynn Colleran L.Ac, M.T. was 12, Lynn has practiced Hatha Yoga.  At age 15, she experienced the healing of a very intense stomach ache with a cup of herbal tea .  At 17, she had a profound meditation experience that clarified her life’s purpose.  In college, she healed herself of bronchitis with herbs and never experienced the disease again. 

In 2002, she found the Ohashi Institute and the healing journey transformed her life. Shiatsu gave her a place where she became an integral part of the community. 


She went to acupuncture school to deepen her knowledge, understanding and effectiveness in Oriental Medicine.  That is exactly what she has experienced in unexpected ways.  

“Being useful, helpful and serving others is just who I am.  No matter the message to pursue the accumulation of money, the heart keeps steering me towards the healing arts.  There is little reason to visit a doctor, it seems like I have been able to treat myself fine at home. 

I am an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Practitioner, a Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner and a beginner at living.  I share my experience with you so you may not fall into the same mistakes; so you may become strong practitioners of Oriental Medicine.” Lynn Colleran

Phone: 862-354-3769


Nadia Gritsei

Nadia Gritsei can be described as passionate about Holistic Healing.

She is on a life mission to learn more about effective and natural ways of treatment and to find the healing methods that truly work.

Originally from Ukraine, Nadia lives and practices her healing arts in New Jersey. She is a graduate of The Ohashi Institute’s Advanced Program of Shiatsu and is also a licensed massage therapist, graduating from of Health-Choices Holistic Massage School.

In addition to her massage and shiatsu work, Nadia is experienced in Apitherapy and Hirudotherapy. She studied the therapeutic use of bee venom therapy through Charles Mraz Apitherapy courses; and she is a beekeeper, raising her own bees at home. She also graduated from the Leech Bio-Therapy program at the Academy of Hirudotherapy.

In her practice, she uses both traditional and ancient modalities, as they have a history of effectiveness. She often integrates different therapeutic specialties, such as aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, yoga breathing techniques, and physical exercise, into a treatment session.

Nadia is a Member of the American Massage Therapy Association, American Hirudotherapy Association Inc., and American Apitherapy Society Inc.

Location: Warren, NJ

Cell: 908-625-4889


Skype: flpnadia

Kristen Mangione

Kristen Mangione is a dance alchemist, visionary choreographer, teacher and healing artist committed to transforming the World through dance. Her Dance Alchemy for the Soul is the synthesis of her over 20 years of dancing professionally, practicing and teaching Eastern philosophy and metaphysical studies. Her current project, Mapping the Heart, is about healing and opening the Heart’s energy field. Through a series of online events and new choreographic works, it is designed to heal and amplify the collective energy of humanity.





Debra Troy

Debra Troy, CH is a Certified Alchemy Hypnosis trained, Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Certified, NJ registered and insured HypnoCounselor, a Kalos Kinesiology Health Facilitator and Minister of Spiritual Counseling, in practice for over 30 years.

She has studied leading hypnosis, emotional clearing and behavioral kinesiology methods for over 30 years and the result is her core emotional/energy clearing work, called "Heal the Cause, Self Mastery Method." (HTCSMM)

Debra helps healers and helpers "Heal the Cause" of Subconscious beliefs, blocks and behaviors that create emotional and physical pain and rejoices with them as they step into their passionate, purposeful and prosperous lives!

Debra is also the creator of StressLess Seminars-Quick Fix Body/Mind Tools That Save the Day!

In addition to Debra's HTCSMM and StressLess Seminars, she offers other methods of core help to remove unwanted habits, patterns and blocks and as an Ordained Interfaith Minister, offers sacred Life Passage Ceremonies and Spiritual Counseling.

Location: Lambertville, NJ


Telephone: 609-306-7057

Skype: debra.p.troy, login name is debratroy


New York

New York

Yumi Asakura

Yumi Asakura, LMT was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage (FLSM), Ithaca, NY in 2000 and has been practicing professionally since 2001. After graduating from FLSM, she continued her studies with various Shiatsu teachers at different schools in Japan, the USA and the UK. Some of her training included courses that are part of the certification program at Iokai in Tokyo (Master Masunaga's school);  post-graduate level summer intensive studies at the Shiatsu College in UK; and a specialized training in Pelvic Alignment at the BCT School in Tokyo. She is interested in a holistic approach to wellness that integrates many avenues of natural healing including energy medicine, aromatherapy, Yakuzen (Food Medicine) and meditation.

She is an owner of Shiatsu & Massage Therapy Studio in downtown Ithaca, and enjoys teaching Shiatsu. She taught Shiatsu and other massage modalities at FLSM for 17 years, and is currently a massage instructor at Cornell University in the Physical Education Department.

She is an approved CE provider through NCBTMB, offering workshops and classes.

Location: Ithaca, NY

Phone: (607) 256-7655 


Jo’Anne Brancato, MS, SBA, SDA 
Certified Shiatsu Instructor 
Holistic Health Counselor 

Jo’Anne Brancato taught for forty years, and was a school principal for children with special needs. In 2007, she became fully accredited as a health counselor and coach. She is recognized by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as an Expert Holistic Health Practitioner. 

Since 2012, she has cared for the Sisters of St. Joseph and the people in her parish community. She facilitates a bereavement group, teaches adult Bible studies, and coordinates Religious Education classes for children.  

Jo’Anne also practices Transcendental Meditation, and is progressing towards becoming a Siddhi with the World Peace Assembly. 

She lives in Rockaway, NY with her husband. They have worked together throughout their careers in education, and continue to work together at their parish and for Sisters of St. Joseph. They have four adult children, and nine grandchildren ranging in age from one month to 24 years. She is excited to officially add shiatsu to her credentials to help and serve others.

Phone: 347-739-8494


Jaideep Bedi 

Jaideep Bedi began his shiatsu journey after an injury in the early 2000s. A friend recommended that he try a shiatsu treatment. He not only found that the treatment worked, but it also healed his injury. Impressed by the magnitude of shiatsu’s effectiveness, Jaideep registered for Level 1 classes with Grandmaster Kumiko Kanayama at the Ohashi Institute, graduating in 2008. He has been a Shiatsu Practitioner since 2009. He has trained and studied with internationally recognized wellness experts, including Ohashi Sensei, Kumiko Kanayama Sensei, Mitchell Wolf, Sam Berlin, and Maureen Miller. 


In 2012, Jaideep began teaching at the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu where he has been providing inclusive, in-depth and hands-on training for all levels of shiatsu. He is driven by connecting with members of the community and sharing his passion for shiatsu, and its amazing ability to connect and in turn heal other people and himself in the process. 


Every year since 2014, Jaideep travels to the Dai Bosatsu Zendo, Kongo-Ji  Healing and Wellness retreat to provide shiatsu healing, harnessing his power of touch and sharing it with the world. 


In 2022 and 2023, Jaideep joined Grandmaster Kumiko Kanayama in Italy where she hosts an annual retreat, workshops and training. 


Sam Berlind

Sam Berlind, Former Senior Ohashiatsu®  Instructor

I am a shiatsu teacher and practitioner living in NYC. While studying Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, and becoming curious about the practical aspect of what I was researching academically, I began to study yoga and meditation. After moving to New York, I continued to practice and teach yoga focusing on the relationship between the practice of yoga, and traditional Asian healing arts, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, martial arts, and shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki, Wataru Ohashi and others. Learning about touch, movement, healing, and the relationship between them fascinated me. I dove deeply into its study, seeking out teachers wherever I could find them.

I began my shiatsu practice in 1985, and developed curriculum and teaching programs at the Ohashi Institute shortly afterwards. In addition, I have taught both students and teachers throughout the USA, Mexico, and Europe. I find it rewarding to help other people develop self-awareness and the ability to heal themselves (because it gives me the opportunity to do the same).

I also teach enhancement workshops and seminars based on my study of yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Gestalt therapy, Zen Shiatsu, TCM, and martial arts. I am currently excited to be working with Strala yoga founders Tara Stiles and Michael Taylor to further develop their teacher training program.

In my free time, you'll find me hiking, traveling, building computers, renovating apartments, cooking, and still trying to learn to play Bach well.  


Alexis is the author of "The Art of Jin Shin" and “Healing at Your Fingertips” and is the President of Jin Shin Institute in New York City. A practitioner of the Art of Jin Shin since 1991, Alexis is a licensed massage therapist and Interfaith Minister and has taught self help classes and workshops in New York City and different countries for many years.


She has taught Jin Shin in hospitals to nurses and to teachers and their students in the public school system. She is a member of the Transactional Analysis IESA Committee for Social Action. She has also written two textbooks, The Core and The Depth, on how to become a practitioner in The Art of Jin Shin. Today, Jin Shin Institute, under Alexis's guidance, is offering a comprehensive curriculum to a new generation of practitioners and teachers. Alexis currently has a private practice in New York City.

Jin Shin Institute

Location: New York, NY


Phone: 917.302.0000




Simone Carbonel, MS, LAc, NCCAOM Diplomate

Simone Carbonel grew up in a fishing village in the south of France. She developed an early interest in natural healing to prevent disease and maintain health. After graduating from college with honors in French Literature and Philosophy, she travelled extensively in India and the Orient engaging in Viniyoga and Vipassana which she practices to date. Her first training in Foot Reflexology was in Italy where she lived for 25 years.

Eventually Carbonel  moved to the United States to continue studying Complementary Therapies. She has a Certificate of Mastery in Reflexology at Laura Norman & Associates School of Reflexology in 1987, is ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) Certified, and a member of ICR (International Council of Reflexology). Carbonel currently teaches Foot Reflexology in New York City and in Europe. In 1988 she studied shiatsu at Ohashi Institute. She is a former Ohashiatsu instructor for Beginner and Intermediate levels which she taught for eight years.

In 1989 she trained in Jin Shin Do ® Bodymind Acupressure. A Registered Jin Shin Do ® Acupressurist, she offers Introductory classes in Self-Jin Shin Do ® Acupressure, and gives private sessions. She obtained the Degree of Associate in Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy from the Swedish Institute College of Massage and Allied Sciences. She trained in 5 Element Shiatsu at the Swedish Institute, and in Zen Shiatsu with Pauline Sasaki. She is Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a NYS Licensed LMT and NYS Licensed Acupuncturist.

Simone maintains a private practice in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do and Foot Reflexology in New York City and in Europe. Sessions are available by appointment only.


Location: New York, NY

Phone: 212-365-8886


Joyce Cobb

Joyce is a Yoga Therapist. She has been practicing and teaching yoga in New York for more than a decade. In 2007, she graduated from The Ohashi Institute’s Ohashiatsu® certificate program and has been incorporating Shiatsu in both her yoga therapy private practice and her Yin Yoga classes.

Location: Roslyn, Long Island, NY

Phone: (917) 496-4161


Manu Dawson, CYNTh

Manu Dawson, C.Y.N.Th, is a leading proponent of Natural Living and Integrative Healing. He has trained in clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and herbology. He is also the former Manager and Nutrition Consultant at Integral Yoga Natural Apothecary and Integral Yoga Natural Foods.

Manu is a direct disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Manu, an advanced teacher of Hatha yoga and meditation, has been teaching since 1979. He has been in clinical practice since 1991 serving as Clinical Nutritionist for Living Well Balanced Chiropractic and is presently working at Irving Place Surgery and Wellness. Manu is a Certified Yoga and Nutrition Therapist.

Location: New York, NY


Instagram: Ma_nu278

Facebook: Manu Matthew Dawson

Cell: 917 287 4205

Nigel Dawes M.A. (Cantab.), L.Ac.

Nigel Dawes has been practicing and teaching East Asian Medicine for over 35 years. He lived and studied in Japan for five years, followed by hospital internships in China in the 1980s. Prior to moving to the United States, he founded the London College of Shiatsu in 1987, and in addition to acting as director and lead instructor, he began lecturing at various Oriental Medicine (OM) schools in England, France, Israel and the USA. Since 1994, New York City has been his home, where he has continued his involvement in undergraduate and graduate OM education and administration, political work in the field, clinical practice, research and publishing. In 1999, he founded the NY Kampo Institute whose mission is the dissemination of traditional Japanese medicine through teaching and practice.

These days, Nigel divides his time between clinical practice, teaching, and publication & research. He is considered one of the leading experts in the practice and teaching of Kampo, lecturing widely throughout the US and abroad, including Canada, Europe, Israel and Australia. He is a regular contributor to various peer-reviewed journals in the field and has published four books including a translation of a modern Japanese Kampo classic, Kampo Igaku by Otsuka Keisetsu. His fourth book, Fukushin and Kampo, on the topic of abdominal diagnosis in East Asian Medicine, was published in October 2020. He has been on the faculty of both the Tri-State College of Acupuncture and the Pacific College of Health and Science where he taught courses in both Kampo and Japanese Acupuncture, as well as supervised in a clinic.

Nigel's private practice is located in New York City and incorporates Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, and Kampo herbal medicine. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Location: New York, City & Telemedicine

Website: NY Kampo Institute (

Phone: (646) 732-8097


Anastasiya Hozyainova, MSW

Anastasiya Hozyainova, MSW offers instruction in meditation and helps others to find a sense of balance and purpose in their lives. Ana started her personal meditation practice as a way to cope with the stress of working with and investigating disturbing stories of human rights abuses. Meditation became the key tool for her to manage the pressures of the war zone and high-stakes politics. Ana has a passion for making delicious plant-based meals, tending to a pollinator garden, and designing STEM toys for children.

Location: New York, NY & Port Jefferson, NY

East-West Integrated Wellness


Phone, Text, Signal App
(917) 979-3949

Sensei John P. Mirrione, 
Founder, Harmony By Karate

Chairman, Harmony Power FDN

Sensei John P. Mirrione is the founder of Harmony By Karate, and has been training in karate for 40 years. He was bullied severely, and this led to him being a lifelong teacher who focuses on the healing aspects of the martial arts.

Sensei John took his martial arts expertise and combined it with breakdancing, leading him to become a well-known solo dance performer. As an Air Force entertainer, he danced all over the country. This later led him to have four performances at the Apollo Theater, and 72 episodes of Club MTV which broadened his understanding of human equality and celebrating diversity through dance.

He traveled to 17 cities to get a glimpse into the bullying crisis in the US. This deepened his understanding of the root causes of bullying. As a result, he founded the Harmony Power Foundation. Its mission is to “stand up to bullying and stand for human equality.” He was a featured guest on Deepak Chopra’s One World, discussing the healing aspects of empowering children on a worldwide scale. Most recently, Sensei John set a new world record, doing 42 one-arm/one-leg push-ups in 30 seconds to teach children that anything is possible when you put your mind and great consistent effort into it.

His experience as a martial artist and dancer led to him living a more fearless existence as he achieved countless goals. His main goal is guiding the planet to heal itself is by empowering humanity to look deep inside and make the necessary changes to make the world a safer, happier, and healthier place to live and thrive.

Location: New York, NY

Cell: 646 387 2073

Katherine Powers

Katherine Powers, LMT is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute. She is a New York State licensed massage therapist and a long-time Shiatsu practitioner. Her office is in Manhattan, NY. She has taught Shiatsu at the Swedish Institute since 2009. Katherine is also an artist with a studio in Brooklyn.  


Katherine is a graduate of the Swedish Institute, where she now teaches. She has studied at The Ohashi Institute and with Pauline Sasaki, Jeffrey Yuen, Gregory Antyuhin, Master Cheng Hsiang Yu, Irma Star Spirit Turtle Woman, and Judith Grasshopper.

Location: New York, NY

Phone: 917-432-8801


Alix Keast

Alix Keast began her shiatsu studies at The Ohashi Institute in the mid-1980’s. In 1987, she attended the Swedish Institute and became a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. She worked as a Certified Ohashiatsu Consultant at The Ohashi Institute giving shiatsu sessions and studying with Ohashi until 1989. At that time, she began her private practice and started teaching at the Swedish Institute. She continues to work at her private practice in New York City and to teach at the Swedish Institute.

Alix has studied Classical Chinese Medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith, and Qi Gong with Robert Peng. Her 30+ years of Iyengar and Anusara yoga also influence her work. About 10 years ago, she began incorporating Acutonics tuning forks into her work. This led to her great interest in the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. She also uses LED light pads in her sessions. Most recently, she has been studying Jin Shin Do with Gail Kellstrom. Perhaps her greatest teacher has been her daughter Emma, who has brought great love, wisdom, and compassion into her life. 

Location: New York, NY.


Phone/Text: 646-326-5994

Work phone: 212-362-4341

Andrzej’s passion is to share with others the experience of wellness that comes from restoring one’s connection to the natural world and to one’s inherent energetic blueprint.  His intense interest in healing arose from his own positive experiences with Qi Gong and Zen meditation in overcoming personal health challenges.


His goal of self-healing eventually expanded to a desire to help others, leading to study at the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York.  20+ years of facilitating healing and wellness through shiatsu and qi gong have led Andrzej to incorporate, but move beyond a deep knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy to a highly intuitive awareness of energy. Techniques from many different energetic healing traditions are used to address energy blockages and distortions, and to introduce more beneficial patterns.  Noting common health challenges that are affecting many of his clients, he has developed special shiatsu and qi gong classes that are organized around specific themes. 

Healing Touch Healing Movement, Master Practitioner and Teacher

Location: New York, New York, USA

Phone: (609) 742-3140



Patty de Llosa

Patty de Llosa, author of Awakening Body Consciousness, The Practice of Presence, Taming Your Inner Tyrant, and Finding Time for Your Self, as well as co-editor of Walking the Tightrope: The Jung-Nietzsche Seminars as Taught by Marion Woodman, is a contributing editor of Parabola Magazine and the Daily Good.


She has studied many spiritual teachings while she made her living as a mainstream journalist  at Time, Leisure and Fortune and raised a family. She is now a life coach and teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, and the Alexander Technique in New York City. 


She blogs



“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire,
a human cannot live without a spiritual life.”

Patricia Llosa

Patricia Llosa  MFA, LP, is a Jungian analyst with a background in archaeology, art history, and the visual arts who practices in New York City. Originally from Peru, she has lectured and taught in Latin America and worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for 20 years as an administrator and educator.


She is the co-editor, with her mother, Patty de Llosa, of Walking the Tightrope, a publication released by the Marion Woodman Foundation in 2014, on the Nietzsche Seminars as they were taught by Marion Woodman as part of the Leadership Training Programs.

Location: New York, NY 

Cell: 646-265-9103

Maureen Miller 

For over 30 years, clients have come from all walks of life and for many reasons. Maureen’s work focuses on calming the nervous system, deepening the breath, and releasing tension and stress, allowing the energy and systems of the body to flow and operate with more ease. Her touch is soft, yet very deep, and she always is very present and respectful to the client’s particular situation.

Maureen is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute, and a senior shiatsu instructor where for over 30 years she has been teaching all levels of the Ohashi Method, and courses of her own design, in New York City, the United States, and throughout Europe.

Maureen has an extensive background in dance, and has practiced the martial arts of Aikido (3rd degree black belt) and Karate (1st degree black belt.) She is currently enjoying the practice of Vinyasa Yoga, gentle strength training, and Zumba dancing.

Maureen’s sessions combine the movement of dance, martial arts, and yoga with the the art of touch and the knowledge of shiatsu to give a very profound, wonderful session which focuses on the needs and wants of her clients.

Location: New York, NY 


Cell: 917-660-4770

Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles is an international spiritual teacher, Reiki master and integrative health consultant with five decades of spiritual practice. She is the foremost Medical Reiki pioneer introducing Reiki practice to conventional medicine, including Harvard, Yale and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

She has published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, including the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. She is also the author of the award-winning book REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide. Her work has been featured by NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, The Atlantic, US News & World Report, New York Magazine, Allure, and Self.

Pamela’s goal is to educate people about practical spirituality, empowering the public to take better care of themselves for everyone’s sake, and to bring self care back to health care. She is known for sharing spiritual insight with simple, direct elegance, and for her preference for continuing inquiry over facile answers.

Location: New York, NY


Luc Petit

Luc Petit is a 2008 graduate of the Ohashi Institute. He also attended the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a focus on treating athletes and injuries using preventative medicine techniques. He has traveled to France to deepen his shiatsu studies attending an international shiatsu conference and is fluent in French, Spanish a Haitian Creole.

Luc was introduced to shiatsu while working in Japan. Suffering from an acute headache, a colleague suggested he try a shiatsu treatment to help relieve the pain. Not only did the treatment fix his headache, but he has also not had another one since. The shiatsu session inspired him to learn more about alternative wellness and treatments based on Eastern medicine.

In addition to his shiatsu work, Luc practices the Trigger Point Acupuncture Needle Technique and studied Clean Needle Technique from CCAOM (Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.) He is also trained in cupping, moxibustion, reflexology, and is a Tai Chi instructor.

Luc, as a community health advocate, participates in many local holistic and wellness events throughout New York City. He is a member of the Wellness Fair staff at the Standard Hotel, High Line in Manhattan and teaches Tai Chi at the Church of The Heavenly Rest. He also teaches Tai Chi at the Carnegie Hill Neighbors and participates with The NYC Bridge Runners.

His future plans include organizing a winter/spring wellness retreat in the Caribbean where attendees can enjoy healthy activities and a respite from the cold winter weather.


cell: 917-536-1948

Joshua Pittman

Joshua Pittman, Certified Transcendental Meditation Teacher grew up in New York City and was exposed to Buddhist philosophy by his mother when he was a child. He learned to meditate when he was 16. Joshua became inspired by his experiences to explore wellness practices for healing and spirituality. He began studying Japanese martial arts at NY Budo and Ohashiatsu at the Ohashi Institute.  

Joshua graduated from film school at New York University and initially started working in the film industry before being drawn to find ways to integrate his desire for inner exploration with his work life. He graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2003 as a Certified Ohashiatsu Consultant and Instructor and then completed the teacher training course for Transcendental Meditation (TM) in 2005. Joshua was director of the TM centers in New York City for 10 years and is currently director of veterans programs for the David Lynch Foundation, teaching meditation to military veterans with PTSD. He also teaches middle school students through the foundation's Quiet Time program.

He is passionate about sharing this life-transforming tool for reducing stress and helping people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.


David Lynch Foundation

228 East 45th Street, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10017

(w) 212.644.9880 x2206

(c) 203.679.1138

Dr. Paul Francis Ryan, DACM L.Ac

Dr. Paul Francis Ryan, DACM L.Ac., the founder of East-West Integrated Wellness, is a licensed acupuncturist with more than 18 years of training and clinical practice in China.


He studied craniosacral and other osteopathically rooted treatments at the Osteopathic College of Ontario, Canada. Stress reduction is a focus in our mind-body integrated treatment approach for most diseases. Our main treatments are acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine. We use guidance in meditation and qigong to help patients manage their stress and cure disease.

Location: New York, NY & Port Jefferson, NY

East-West Integrated Wellness


Phone, Text, Signal App
(917) 979-3949

Jose Rios

Jose Rios began his study of bodywork in the late 1980's, and began his shiatsu training at the Ohashi Institute, graduating in 1993.  He is also a personal trainer, and completed the Sports Massage training at the Swedish Institute. 


His interest in the healing arts led him to get certifications in Thai Massage, as well as Reiki. Jose recently became certified as a practice leader in Tai Chi and Qigong, through the Healer Within Foundation, an organization he has practiced and studied with for many years. 


Jose graduated from Lehman College in the Bronx, and works there as an Adjunct Professor with the Continuing Education Department where he teaches the adult swimming classes year round. 


Jose has been studying printmaking for more than ten years, and continues to make and teach folk art, such as masks, dreamcatchers, and medicine wheels in his free time.     



 Cell: 332-220-7148

Sensei Reggie Ceaser

Sensei Reggie Ceaser is a practitioner and instructor in many forms of massage therapy including Swedish massage, Tui na, Thai massage, shiatsu, auricular and foot massage, and Thai Herbal Massage. He also practices cupping, ear candling, and aromatherapy.  In his 45 years of practice, he has treated thousands of patients. His practice is located in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

He is a 1979 diploma graduate of the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy, a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, a graduate of the Ohashi Institute and certified by the Ohashi Institute as an Ohashiatsu Practitioner and Instructor.  As an instructor at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences for 30 years, he has taught many hundreds of students the art of massage therapy.

Sensei Reggie is also an herbalist.  He works with Nature's Sunshine, Pure Herbs, and Young Living Essential Oils to provide his patients with the best available herbs and treatments.

Location: Long Island City, NY

Cell: 718-986-5794


Kim Siansky

Kim Siansky, a graduate of the Ohashi Institute, is a certified Shiatsu Practitioner. Kim's love of shiatsu started in the mid-1990’s. She was lucky to meet a massage therapist in Colorado who told her about the Ohashi Institute in NYC. Since then, she has given away more shiatsu sessions than she has made a living from. She believes in the powerful healing process that shiatsu delivers. Kim is also a certified vegan lifestyle coach, a certified yoga instructor, and holds a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

She loves the challenge of cooking up delicious meals in a tiny NYC kitchen. She enjoys combining her love of movement with energy healing practices and sharing her knowledge about plant based healthy foods with her clients, family and friends. She engages with environmental organizations and participates in working on green solutions for our planet.


Cell: 646-234-6370

Paula Schank

Paula has practiced shiatsu and craniosacral therapies for 23 years. She also taught shiatsu at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, Rochester, NY for 20 years. Her original training was at the Ohashi Institute, 1996. She graduated from the NY Institute of Massage in late 1996. Later she studied with Ted Saito at his Shiatsu Centre, Toronto. In 2005, Paula travelled to Tokyo to study at the source, Iokai.

Shiatsu, yoga and zen meditation were fundamental in her recovery from an accident. This inspired Paula to share bodywork with others. 

Recently retired, Paula does not offer private sessions. Yet continues to advocate for the healing power of touch. When there is trust and safety; the body, mind and spirit synchronize to restore harmony balance and optimum function.


Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith has been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, & other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for 41 years & teaching them for 36. Her influential teachers include Masters Mantak Chia (she was in his original class of western students in 1981), Li Junfeng, Ming Chan, and T.K. Shih. Other important teachers include Jeanette Chi, Gilles Marin, Don Ahn, Carol Anthony, and Livia Kohn as well as many other Tao masters. In 2011, she attended the Wudang Martial Arts Internal Kung Fu Academy in China.

Sharon is certified by Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao system as a Senior Instructor and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. She is also certified by the International Sheng Zhen Society to teach Sheng Zhen Gong, the work of Master Li Junfeng.

In addition, Sharon has practiced Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and  has traveled many times to China, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Europe, and New Zealand to further her studies.

Sharon currently teaches seminars internationally as well as regularly at the New York Open Center.  Other teaching venues include The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Master Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden in Thailand, Omega Institute, Healing Tao University, The Learning Annex, Wainwright House, United Nations Feng Shui Club, Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, Morningside Retirement Health Services, Dorot Senior Center, Jubilee Senior Center, Healing Tao of New York, La Guardia Community College, Queens College, New York University, Adult Education Division of the New York City Board of Education, and the New York State Department of Parks & Recreation.

Location: New York, NY


Cell: 212-243-6771.

Krystal Stone

Krystal Stone attended the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has been practicing since 1999. She continued her education in shiatsu massage at Ohashi Institute in NYC, graduating in 2008. She considers this training foundational in her current massage therapy work as the pressure points and Eastern approach is threaded throughout her personal and unique style. Krystal credits Ohashi and the practice of shiatsu for saving her career by teaching her an Eastern perspective through many invaluable experiences at Dai Bosatsu Zendo and elsewhere.


 In 2009, Krystal also became a Certified Yoga Instructor after training at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC. Today, she is a certified health coach and holds a Master of Science in Health Sciences. Her business, Krystal Stone Holistics incorporates massage with an Eastern approach, yoga instruction, and health coaching into each client-centered treatment plan. Krystal also serves as Chair of Pacific College of Health and Science, where she currently teaches Myology of Postural Alignment and her deep love of Shiatsu.

Location: New York, NY 10022

T: 917-734-0342

Website: Coaching. Massage. Yoga. | Krystal Stone Holistics


Jai Sugrim

Jai Sugrim is a yoga teacher, athletic trainer, and recognized men’s health expert. He is the creator of the Jai Sugrim Method, a scientific approach for bringing the human body and mind into harmony.

Jai has worked in the health and wellness industry for 25 years. He enjoys sharing his healthy lifestyle and enlightened teachings with students through his international retreats, teacher trainings, and corporate wellness programs. He is licensed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Council on Exercise, the International Sports and Sciences Foundation, the Jivamukti Yoga School, and is a licensed massage therapist.

Jais work has been featured in popular publications, and on The Today Show. He also created and starred in the TV show Yoga Sutra Now, which aired in over twenty countries. Jai’s awareness of the power of mindfulness to impact lives was expanded when he taught yoga to high school students at Frederick Douglas Academy in Harlem.

Jai finished three NYC marathons, plays basketball, trains in martial arts, and has completed a silent Vipassana meditation retreat. He has practiced yoga for the past twenty years, including ten years studying in the Ashtanga yoga method. He lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wonderful dog and co-teacher, Foxy Sugrim.

Location: New York, NY


Deborah Valentine Smith

Deborah Valentine Smith, B.A, L.M.T. (NY), Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM) and AOBTA® CI is a Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® Authorized Teacher and the current AOBTA® President.

Deborah began her study of Asian Bodywork Therapy with Wataru Ohashi in 1975-80, graduated from the Swedish Institute in 1982, and has been studying with Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, founder of Jin Shin Do® since 1979. She has taught internationally in massage and bodywork schools and programs and currently runs the JSD Teacher Training Program in the US. She teaches the full JSD 250 hour curriculum, courses she has developed on the TendinoMuscular Meridians, and a 100-hour online integrated Anatomy and Physiology course for ABTs.  She is passionate about sharing the depth and beauty of bodywork that is gentle yet powerful and offers a deep, healing experience of self-awareness and empowerment to the recipient.

She is the author of many articles in publications including A Complete Guide to Acupressure by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, Massage Magazine, Massage Today, The Shiatsu Society Journal (UK), AOBTA®’s Pulse, Acupuncture Today, and The North American Journal of Oriental Medicine.

Cell: 610.324.8731 

Keith Strand 

Keith Strand is a retired architect, a Makko Ho Leader and The Five Lights Center Community Outreach person. Keith received a Bachelors in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. He practiced architecture in New York City for over 35 years, owning and managing his own firm for 31 years. Keith’s strengths include understanding and navigating bureaucracies and their requirements as well as teamwork development. Keith is assisting Five Lights Center in reaching out to individuals and organizations to promoting shiatsu and the Five Lights Center, and assisting in follow-up inquiries.


Keith is excited to help others learn and heal thru their own energy. He finds the Five Lights Center’s philosophy and teaching methods to be inspiring and unique, and is happy to be a part of what comes next for the School and the Practitioners. Keith feels his personal mission is to lead others in Makko Ho (Do-In) exercises as a way to maintain good health and promote Shiatsu.

WhatsApp @ 917-328-5810, or email:


Julie Vincent

Julie Vincent is a shiatsu practitioner and a yoga teacher based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Her practice is based on the use of breathing techniques and body alignment to promote the flow of Ki (life force) energy, throughout the body to feel more grounded, relaxed, and balanced.


She has deepened her studies of the 12 Meridians and the 5 Elements theory by learning shiatsu, an ancient Japanese healing technique, at the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu in NYC. She developed a close relationship with her mentor and shiatsu teacher Kumiko Kayanama, Founder of Five Light Center of Shiatsu, with whom she collaborated to create. The Shiatsu Solution, a corporate wellness program that offers shiatsu in the workspace. About a year ago, she started working and developing her home practice, Meridian Body Flow. She offers shiatsu sessions and private yoga classes.


In addition, in 2021, Julie was trained as an acupuncture detox specialist (NADA providers) at NYHRE (New York Harm Reduction Educators) in Harlem, NYC, where she volunteers once a week to give shiatsu and ear acupuncture treatments.

Cell: 609-373-5642


North Carolina

North Carolina

Mark Dodd

Part of the green team of co-housing building and development at Peloquin Construction in Hillsborough, NC.  Shiatsu gadfly.  Ohashi Institute graduate 2010.   Former administrator, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.  Former rock n roll disc jockey, WQDR Raleigh, WDBS Durham, WTUL.New Orleans. 

Durham, North Carolina


Margot Rossi, M.Ac. is an acupuncturist, Asian medicine physician, health educator, and movement instructor with 30 years of experience. Her book To Be Like Water—Cultivating a Graceful and Fulfilling Life Through the Virtues of Water and Dao Yin Therapeutic Movement was born from her passion to help people develop an awareness of mind, body and spirit to cultivate a happy, healthful life.

Trained in the US and China, Margot creates innovative programs on mindfulness, self-care, preventive and alternative medicines, Dao Yin, and Hatha yoga. In addition to Western and Asian therapeutic movement practices, Margot has training in classical ballet, belly dance, and modern dance. She lives with her family by the pristine waters of the South Toe River in Western North Carolina.

phone: 828-536-9030

Cloud Gate Chinese MedicineBurnsville, NC

To Be Like Water is available through IndieBound and Amazon



Lynn Wulff Goodman

Lynn Goodman is a Shin Tai practitioner and instructor. Her degree in biology from Rutgers University, as well as certification from the International School of Shiatsu, provides a strong foundation for understanding and working with the body. She has taught and assisted in classes with Saul Goodman for 20 years as well as running her own private practice. Lynn also takes care of website design, administration, and the creation of the online shin tai classroom.  

Location: Pipersville, PA 18947.

Phone number: 267-347-2290.


Website: Shin Tai International

Thin Thin Lay, RN, HWNC-BC, originally from Burma (Myanmar), trained and worked in Geneva, Switzerland as a Registered Nurse before relocating to New York. Thin Thin is also a shiatsu practitioner, a certified ERGONOMICS assessor, and a health and wellness nursing coach, board-certified through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. Thin Thin has 14+ years of experience in occupational, public, and community health programs.

Her Eastern origin, blended with her Western training, attracted her to study the art of touch which involved working on meridians and using the five elements theory. This led her to train at the Ohashi Institute. She was a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor and Consultant from 2002 until the Institute closed its NYC location. She incorporates shiatsu in her holistic nursing practice to maintain patient health and wellbeing. She also teaches and practices Reiki, both Traditional & Japanese Komyo Reiki styles.

Thin Thin is experienced in various nursing specialties and has been an RN for over 20 years, including her work as a Senior Nurse at United Nations' headquarters in New York. She works with clients from multilingual and multicultural backgrounds. She herself is multilingual, fluent in French, English, and Burmese, and utilizes intercultural communication in her nurse coaching practice.

Thin Thin works with clients who suffer from multiple sclerosis and neuromuscular disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease. She also treats back pain, shoulder and neck issues, work-related injuries, chronic illnesses, and knee, hip, and other joint diseases.

Thin Thin emphasizes humility and simplicity in her teaching as well as in her practice.

Her sweet, tranquil disposition and compassionate listening lead to the trust and appreciation of her students and clients.

The followings are the comments from her students and clients:

“Very caring, compassionate teaching to a most diverse group.

It was very useful & interested in 5 elements ideas. A teacher is wonderful. Thank You.”

“I have received sessions from Thin Thin for the past 5 years and it’s always new and recharging after each session. She is a great listener and knows where and how to work at all times.”

Thin Thin also provides group health wellness coaching, group ergonomic programs, and smoking cessation programs. All programs are available upon request for multinational companies promoting employee wellness.

Contact Information:


phone: 646-243-9889

website: Integrative nurse Coaching for Health & wellness,

Renate Novak as a background in Holistic Health that reaches back to her late teens. She studied at a full-time holistic school in Germany right out of high school and graduated in 1969. She then immigrated to the USA and used the massage therapy portion of her training as her vocation here in the USA. Over a twenty-year period, she conservatively estimates to have given 10,000 massage sessions.

This work provided her with deep, personal insight into the human dilemma, and she realized that there were underlying emotional issues causing the tensions and pains that her clients came to see her.

In 1992, Renate purchased Health Choices Institute and Holistic Massage School.  She and her colleagues developed it into one of the finest holistic massage schools on the east coast of the United States. Health Choices Institute and Holistic Massage School graduates are known for their excellent, comprehensive work that includes a Body-Mind-Spirit approach. Renate was owner and director of this New Jersey State Department of Education approved vocational school for 18 years. The school closed its doors in 2009 with the economic downturn.

While running her Holistic Massage School, that also housed other professional programs like Hakomi, Unergi and Somatic Processing, she studied Hakomi and was certified as a Hakomi Practitioner in 2009. Renate has her private practice in Princeton, NJ. Her assistant role during her two years of Hakomi training serves her to continuously refine her work. She focuses on helping her clients reach expanded self-awareness through self-study. She assists her clients in processing energy blocks through body awareness, allowing the Essential Self to emerge and become the seat of life experience.

Renate completed Beginning Level 1 of the Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing® (SE) Trauma training. ( This 3-year training program is based on the work of Peter Levine. Books written by him include, "Waking the Tiger" & "Trauma Proofing Your Kids".

Location: New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Cell: 609-477-0152


Stephanie Ann Pappas, (Aka Stefani)

Stephanie is a licensed bodyworker and Yoga Teacher/Trainer for 27 years, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Trauma and PTSD resolution) for six years. SEP, LMT, ERYT500 and Founder/Director of the Devalila Yoga 200 & 300 Hour Teacher Trainings, Author of the books: Yoga at Your Wall, and Yoga Posture Adjustments and Assisting available on and other online booksellers.

Location: New Jersey & Pennsylvania


Telephone: 908-310-9666



Diane Vreeland, LMT

Diane Vreeland has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Shiatsu Practitioner since 2005. She was first introduced to Shiatsu while studying massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in New York City. She was immediately smitten and began focusing her studies on Shiatsu. Diane studied Five Element Theory and Advanced Shiatsu techniques from acclaimed master teachers Tom Banasiak and Alix Keast. From 2007-2009, Diane furthered her training while studying under Wataru Ohashi at the Ohashi Institute in New York City. She completed her Reiki I and II training in the Usui Method and offers in person, as well as phone sessions. 


Diane’s office is located in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She offers an array of intuitive, therapeutic massage and bodywork therapies, including Shiatsu. Each session takes into account any acute or chronic issues, as well as the client's specific intentions. Diane has worked with a wide variety of clients over the years to help relieve their pain and discomfort, and regain a sense of balance and calm in the body. The goal is always to promote self-healing and encourage body awareness. She continues to be inspired by people and their myriad experiences in their bodies and wishes to support clients where they're at with all the wisdom they bring. Diane is also a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner (CCEP), which is a type of body-centered psychotherapy that encourages the healing of energetic blocks in the body, helping people live fuller lives. She is currently seeing Core Energetics clients on Zoom.


Diane can be reached at as well as her website:




Tamsin Grainger

Tamsin Grainger FwSS T

Tamsin has been working as a Shiatsu practitioner for 30 years. She co-created The Shiatsu School Edinburgh and was the Director and Principal Teacher from 2000-2019. Tamsin has recently written her first book: Working with Death and Loss in Shiatsu Practice – a guide to holistic bodywork in palliative care, which will be published by Singing Dragon in August 2020. She gives Shiatsu in private practice and at an Edinburgh hospice for those with chronic symptoms or who are at the end of life. Previously Chair of the Shiatsu Society (UK), she has been travelling and teaching Shiatsu in Europe. If the Corona virus allows, she will be sharing her work in Portugal, Montpelier and Amsterdam at The European Shiatsu Congress later in 2020.

‘For me Shiatsu has been a central part of my life since I began to receive it in 1987, transforming my health, informing my world view, and as the mainstay of my career. For me, the BodyMind is a microcosm of the universe, my way to touch, sense and understand what is going on around me, what lies behind that, and my relationship to it. Shiatsu and my bodywork give me a structure and form through which to translate the wonders of the world.’  

I am a Fellow of The Shiatsu Society (UK) and recognised teacher, and a registrant with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, sitting on their Profession Specific Board.



Twitter: @Tamsinshiatsu    

Instagram: GraingerTamsin

Karen Dawn Oei  MA, Dip. BSS, SrSS

Shiatsu Shin Tai Practitioner

Senior Member of the Professional Register of the Shiatsu Society UK

Dawn has an MA in Politics from the University of Glasgow and worked as a researcher and information officer for a diplomatic office for more than twenty years. She discovered Shiatsu during a particularly stressful period in her life and found it a safe and supportive environment in her own healing. In 2011, she began her Shiatsu studies at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London. She gained her Practitioner Diploma and became a Member of the Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society UK in 2014.

Dawn also practices Shiatsu Shin Tai, a powerful healing touch therapy that was developed by Saul Goodman more than 40 years ago. Shin Tai expands on traditional Shiatsu and is based on a system of diagnosis and technique that focuses on two primary meridians: Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel. Treatments include meridian work, fascial unwinding, cranio-sacral techniques, Central Channel release and chakra work to clear meningeal stress and deeply held stress patterns in the body; and soft tissue structural adjustments to correct specific misalignments in the hips, sacrum and spine. Shin Tai work touches on 2 a very deep level, giving the body the space to recover motion and activate the receiver’s own life force and vitality.

She has a particular interest in and experience of working with grief, fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia, emotional distress, back pain, arthritis, sciatica, joint problems and digestive issues.

She has worked as a volunteer Shiatsu practitioner for a charity in London supporting clients living with HIV and Aids,  in a neighborhood with a high level of poverty and unemployment in Edinburgh, she was a volunteer telephone counsellor for two London charities: London Friend (supporting the LGBTI community) and London Rape Crisis Centre in the 90’s.  


Mobile: +44-7912357198

Location: Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 1HD




Rita Griesche

Rita Griesche has a passion for communications, teaching, and learning. This fascination led her to receive a BA in Modern Foreign Languages in Germany and a BA in Fine Arts in the UK and continuing her training in Art Therapy, Clay Field, and learning through play. She loves doing Land Art and labyrinths.

Rita, originally from Germany, lived for many years in England and then moved to Spain in 1995 after the birth of her son. She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, including spending one year in Japan. For over 36 years, Rita has been studying shiatsu with many international teachers. Since 1998, she has directed the Shiatsu School in Murcia, Spain (

She has a long history of working with Health Centres, Schools, Hospitals, and Old People’s Homes offering social workshops and courses. Over the past 10 years, her interests have shifted to working with children, babies, and with pregnancy, menopause, and fertility.

In 2019, Rita had the opportunity to investigate "The Effects of Mindful Touch in Early Years and in the Transition from Infant to Primary School" at a local school with excellent results. As a result, she created KUKI - Kulturkinder, a method of teaching foreign languages by way of the five senses, with special attention to our haptic sense.

This year Rita gave birth to MINDFUL TOUCH EDUCATION MTEd, a registered trademark, and brand, with the mission to establish Mindful Touch within the 21st Century school education. Until the full MTED program is launched, Rita is growing her Instagram account and spreading the word about her belief in Mindful Touch.

“MTEd is all I am and what I love to share.” Rita Griesche





Chris McAlister

Chris first encountered Oriental medicine in 1986 while extremely sick in East Asia. Treatment sessions with practitioners from Tibetan, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and finally, Chinese medicine showed him the immediate and long-term benefits of traditional holistic practices.

He began his formal Shiatsu studies in the UK with Nigel Dawes and Liz Arundel. Chris continued his studies during a five-year stay in Japan with Takeo Suzuki, a student of Masunaga and teacher at the IOKAI Shiatsu Center. Chris has also studied acupuncture, Qigong, martial arts, and Tai Ji Chuan with, among others, Chen Pei Shan, a 21st generation lineage holder within the Chen family traditional style. In Europe, he studied Chinese herbs with Ted Kaptchuk. Chris eventually settled down in Sweden where he has been treating and teaching ever since.

Chris has taught shiatsu extensively in Israel, Italy, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Recently, he presented at the ECF Conference in Amsterdam. His passion is for the inner tradition of the Oriental arts. He enjoys nothing more than researching and practicing with colleagues, students, and patients, in the world of ideas and in dream states.
Chris is currently President of the ESF, the European Shiatsu Federation, and also co-author of Touching the Invisible: Exploring the Path of Shiatsu. When not practicing, he enjoys all forms of reading, swimming, dancing, drumming, and percussion.

Telephone: +46 707 511 642
Address: Bandstolsv. 44, 756 Uppsala, Sweden.

Website: (It is mostly in Swedish but all purple text is in English)



Pamela Ellen Ferguson

Pamela Ellen Ferguson, Dipl.ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA(r)&GSD CI, LMT (TX). 

Pam is the ABT Dean Emerita of AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin Texas, and has taught at major schools of Shiatsu in Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Austria during three decades. 

Pauline Sasaki was her main teacher at the Ohashi Institute.

Pam has authored several books including the textbooks “The Self Shiatsu Handbook”, and “TAKE FIVE – The Five Elements Guide to Health and Harmony.” Together with Debra Duncan Persinger PhD, she co-edited “SAND TO SKY – Conversations with Teachers of Asian Medicine”.

Pam is the ABT columnist for Acupuncture Today and also writes regularly for NAJOM – the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine.

Location: Austin, TX


Cell: 512-560-8001

Bob Modaff, AOBTA-CP

Bob Modaff, AOBTA-CP (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia–Certified Practitioner), has been practicing and teaching shiatsu for over 31 years. After a decade of acting and performing nationally and internationally, Bob discovered Ohashiatsu, the Zen shiatsu program founded by Master Wataru Ohashi. After graduating from the Ohashi Institute in New York in 1992, he moved to Chicago, where he built a thriving practice while completing his Ohashiatsu instructor training. He taught Ohashiatsu, as well as his own self-designed courses, in Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis. In 1996, after moving to Minneapolis with his family, he opened the first neighborhood wellness center in the city, Three Smooth Stones, offering classes in yoga, meditation and tai chi, and creating a space for practitioners of shiatsu, acupuncture, chiropractic and reiki.


Bob put his practice on hold while he and his wife went on an adventure to South America. Originally planning to stay for a year or two, doing shiatsu and teaching English, they ended up spending 5 years in Cuenca, Ecuador. They returned to their lives in Minneapolis in 2018, happily reuniting with clients and friends.


In April of 2023, Bob and his wife moved to Houston to be near their daughter (and to escape the cold winters of Minneapolis). He is very excited to be starting a practice in the Rice Village neighborhood at the Element 5 OM studio When he is not busy trying out new yoga and tai chi classes, he and his wife are exploring the many museums, as well and the rich and varied food scene in their new city. In his down time, Bob enjoys books, movies, and cooking.




Emine Eyidogan

Emine Eyidogan, from Istanbul, is a a biologist, Shiatsu practitioner, and a lymphedema and manual therapist.  She is trained in The Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy.  


Emine has also studied Shiatsu at The Ohashi Institute and is experienced in different areas of massage therapy including pre/peri-natal massage, infant massage training and massage for cancer patients. 

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

WhatsApp: +90 533 570 08 63



Cliff Andrews

Cliff Andrews is an international Shiatsu and Energy Work practitioner and teacher. He has been studying, practicing, and teaching Shiatsu since 1981, he served a full-time apprenticeship with the late Pauline Sasaki, in 1986.

In 1986 Cliff co-founded the Shiatsu College UK, and in 1992 he established the Post-Graduate CPD Diploma program. In 2010 Cliff launched the New Energy Work project to provide a central focus for his teaching work in workshops, online and international collaborations at the online community now numbers more than 2,500 participants worldwide.

Cliff has developed the new techniques of Whole Body Scanning, Meridian scanning, and Vibrational Level work. and has collaborated with scientists such as James Oschman, Emilio Del Guidice, and medical doctor and author Dr. Dan Keown – in developing an understanding of Shiatsu and Energy Work. Cliff is fascinated by the interface between emerging Scientific understandings of life and traditional healing systems.


Carola Beresford-Cooke

Carola was brought up in the Far East, where her interest in Asian philosophy and medicine began. Having completed formal academic education, she changed course completely in her late twenties and trained in beauty therapy and massage. Her first Shiatsu workshop in 1978 with Ohashi changed her life and she went on to study Shiatsu wherever she could, her main teacher being Pauline Sasaki. Along the way, Carola qualified in acupuncture.


She is the author of the textbook Shiatsu Theory and Practice, now in its 3rd edition, and a 12-part video series on “The Meridians of Shiatsu”. In 2020 she co-founded the publishing company, The Shiatsu Press, with Tamsin Grainger. She lives in semi-retirement in a remote seaside village in Wales.

Location: B4321, Llandysul SA44 6SN, United Kingdom


Kate Burford

Kate began studying Shiatsu in 1989 at The British School of Shiatsu-Do in London where her main teachers were Ray Ridolfi, Susanne Franzen, Hilary Totah, Liz Arundel, and Saul Goodman. Kate has earned her living from Shiatsu ever since graduating and loves the fact that she is able to make a difference in the world doing something so enjoyable.

Although her hands know what they are doing, she constantly feels like a beginner which brings the satisfaction of every shiatsu being unique and a lifelong path of studentship. Constant learning is a joy and Kate is currently studying Aroma Point Therapy using pure Essential Oils on the tsubos with Tiffany Carole Pollard and Joseph Carter.

Kate is the Principal of The BSS-Do and teaches in her local community, online, nationally, and internationally. Kate has worked quite extensively with women’s health and is currently teaching women how to use Shiatsu to ease the challenges that can arise during the menopausal phases.

A Fellow of The Shiatsu Society (UK) Kate lives in Cornwall in the far West of England.

Location: Cornwall, UK

Tel: (44)7989 351997 or (44)1736 350517



Website (under construction as of March 2021)

Adam Hellinger FWss

Adam Hellinger began studying postural and relational awareness in 1985 with The Alexander Technique. This developed into his practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung in 1986. In 1990, he began studying the style of Chi Kung that he currently practices: Yi Chuan with a focus on Zhan Zhuang (standing pole) aspects.

In 1990, Adam also began his shiatsu studies at the British School of Shiatsu-Do with Ray and Suzanne Ridolfi, in a style of shiatsu influenced by the approach of Saul Goodman and Shiatsu Shin Tai. A few years later, Adam started his studies with Pauline Sasaki, Cliff Andrews and Nicola Ley. At the same time, he studied the work and approach of Nick Pole, including his development and use of ‘clean language.’ In 2013, he began practicing Seiki So Ho while studying with Alice Whieldon.

In 2000, Adam began studying Chinese medicine. His focus was on receiving a Tuina Qi Gong diploma from Westminster University. In 2002, he joined Peter Firebrace’s Classical Chinese Medicine study group with Elizabeth Rochat de la Valle.

Adam describes his approach to bodywork:

“… is to integrate and ‘fuse’ these practices together with a relational/relationship focus. Zen Shiatsu, Hara diagnosis, Classical Chinese Medicine and Yi Chuan Chi Kung (intention/focus training) all work in supporting and creating a structure and space for the potential development of self-awareness and interaction. The interaction and the space it takes place within, defines both the relationship and the potential within it.”




Cell: +447973909826

Elaine Liechti

Elaine was a Modern Languages reader at the University of Aberdeen and also worked as a journalist before she discovered shiatsu in 1980. 

She was involved in running the Shiatsu Society UK from 1981 to 1991. Between 1984 and 1988, she organized Pauline Sasaki’s workshops in the UK. In 1986, Elaine founded the Glasgow School of Shiatsu. She currently serves as Co-Chair on the Board of the Shiatsu Society UK.

Elaine has published three books about shiatsu:

Health Essentials: Shiatsu, Japanese Massage for Health and Fitness. Element Books Ltd.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shiatsu: The Japanese Healing Art of Touch for Health and Fitness. Element Books Ltd./ Harper Collins.

The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu, A Guidebook and Coloring Book. Singing Dragon Books.

Location: Glasgow, UK


Caterina Matteoda

My name is Caterina Matteoda, I am from Turin, Italy.

I have always been passionate about natural, alternative medicine, and shamanism. 

In 2006, I started studying naturopathy at the Italian Institute of Naturopathy in Urbino. 

Here I met Professor Domenico Bassi who opened the door to Ohashiatsu for me. For this I will be forever grateful because I completely fell in love with Ohashiatsu, which changed my life, improving it in every aspect.

I graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2011. From then until 2015, I have practiced Ohashiatsu, moxibustion, foot reflexology, flower therapy, and Swedish massage.

I moved to the UK in 2016 and in 2019 I founded Ohashiatsu® School UK in York and I'm taking my first steps towards London, Covid permitting!

Location: Addlestone, York, UK

Tel: 07384 108411®

Karen Dawn Oei MA, Dip BSS, SrSS

Dawn has an MA in Politics from the University of Glasgow and worked as a researcher and information officer for a diplomatic office for more than twenty years. She discovered Shiatsu during a particularly stressful period in her life and found it a safe and supportive environment in her own healing.


In 2011, she began her Shiatsu studies at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London. She gained her Practitioner Diploma and became a Member of the Register of Professional Practitioners of the Shiatsu Society UK in 2014.



Mobile: +44-7912357198




Nick Pole

Nick Pole has over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing Shiatsu. He has also studied Seiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clean Language, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Nick specializes in teaching courses for shiatsu therapists and other mind-body practitioners on how to integrate mindful dialogue with bodywork.

Since 2013, he has been the coordinator of London Mindful Practitioners, a non-profit support group for professionals who use mindfulness in their work, which now has over 400 members.

Nick is also the author of Words That Touch - How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer (2017, Singing Dragon), a comprehensive guide to using Clean Language in mind-body therapy.



Keith Stewart FwSST, Ni Dan JKA, Dip. CATC

Keith started studying martial arts in 1974, gaining a second Dan Black Belt in Karate Do, and representing Aberdeen and Scotland for the Karate Union of Great Britain. Keith practiced this way for ten years, before moving to the subtle healing arts of shiatsu, yoga, and Zen meditation in 1984.

He qualified in shiatsu as a registered practitioner in 1988, and in 1991 as a registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society GB. Also in 1991, Keith gained a Hatha Yoga teaching diploma from the ACTC (late Ian Scorgie, the modern-day founder of yoga in Scotland). In 1992, he co-founded the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu and Healing.

Also in 1992, Keith first met and was introduced to the teaching and practice of Sei Ki Master, Akinobu Kishi sensei. Over the years, Keith has studied with many of the world’s top healers, Yoga, Taoist, and Zen Masters.

“I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some gifted and enlightened people! None more so than Akinobu Kishi who has had the most profound influence on my life and practice.” Keith Stewart

In 1998, Keith dissolved the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu to develop his own way… Life Movement Method, Wa-Do way of harmony.

In 2005, Kishi Sensei advised Keith to study Kotodama and Hatchi Riki with Hiromasa Maeda Sensei from “Oomoto Kyo” Shinto sect in Japan. Keith has since revised and developed his Sei Ki practice to incorporate Kotodama and Hachi Riki sound vibration and Ki Spiral. He calls the practice, Sei Ki UZUKI, loosely translated as, Universal Spiral of Energy!

Life Movement Foundation

WA-DO way of harmony


Phone + UK 01224732852

Alice Whieldon

Alice Whieldon came across Shiatsu in 1985 with Pauline Sasaki, and began her training in 1991 with the Shiatsu College, London.  After meeting Kishi Akinobu in 1997, she worked closely with him until his death in 2012. They co-authored Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu (2011). 

Alice offers workshops internationally and sessions in London, UK. In 1985, Alice also came across the work of Charles Berner and has continued to research and train in his Clearing work ever since, culminating in the writing of Mind Clearing: The Key to Mindfulness Mastery (2016). She offers sessions and training in this field.

She is co-founder of Surrenderwork with Rene Fix of Ki College, Germany. This work brings Sei-ki and Clearing together through the surrender which lies at the heart of both.  Alongside her career in Sei-ki and Clearing, Alice has an academic background in the Humanities and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK).

Location: London UK


Phone: +44 7957 233345

Suzanne Yates

I am still amazed at the power and simplicity of touch” Suzanne Yates, shiatsu and massage therapist, teacher and author, founder of Wellmother, supporting the wisdom of parents, babies and all life’s cycles with the Extraordinary Vessels of Chinese medicine) Suzanne Yates is an acclaimed international therapist, teacher, researcher and innovator. A published author and expert in the field of pre and postnatal shiatsu and bodywork, she has taught doctors, midwives, nurses, shiatsu therapists and massage practitioners to work with mothers and babies over the past 30 + years.


Through supporting pregnant women to be more connected with their body’s wisdom, she discovered the power of the Extraordinary Vessels of Chinese medicine to access deeply held memories. She also became aware of how much the maternity period affects us all, whether as mothers or babies, for the rest of our lives. She now collaborates with her daughter Rosa (yoga teacher and massage therapist) to support anyone to become more fully embodied and present at any stage of their life cycle. Touch and movement (Qi gong/yoga) based practices, along with visualisations, can empower us to transform stuck and disconnected patterns within our body, releasing its potential and enabling us to better connect not only with ourselves but with each other and our world.

My main shiatsu teacher Sonia Moriceau studied with Ohashi in New York in the early 1980’s and so I am familiar with his approach from her. I also did a couple of weekends with him when he came to London in the 1980’s. And you can order my books from my website which has links to the sales pages on Amazon.

Location: 24, Dunkerry Road, Windmill Hill, Bristol BS3 4LB

Tel: +44 117 9632306


Natalie Ventilla MrSS

I first stepped into a Shiatsu classroom in 2016 and have never looked back. My youngest child was 1 at the time and I was looking for something for me, aside from being a Mum. I had studied Remedial Massage and practiced Yoga for many years and Shiatsu felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. I was so inspired by what I was learning at The Glasgow School of Shiatsu that I created a community project around sharing Shiatsu with children. I wanted to share with my own children and children in my community the information and practices that I wish I had known as a child. 

Since graduating in 2019 I have set up a part time Shiatsu practice, assisted teaching at The Glasgow School, co-created a Shiatsu podcast 'Ki Points' with my friend, Teacher and fellow Practitioner, Laura Naismith. I have hosted self-care Shiatsu workshops for children and adults and written, co-illustrated and designed Mak the Dragon Who Loves to Stretch. Additionally creating a teaching guide. It has been a lot of fun with some major learning curves along the way and now- I can't wait to share it with you!

Tel: +44 7711262777





Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez trained in England with Cliff Andrews and Carola Beresford-Cooke. He then moved to New York City to train with Pauline Sasaki. He produced and directed a documentary on her work for a DVD called The Human Potential. Diego, Pauline and other shiatsu colleagues trained with a Russian shaman called Gregory Antyuhin. From that point forward, he integrated the Chakra system into shiatsu.

He worked as a volunteer doing Shiatsu for rescue workers at Ground Zero during 9/11 and also performed hundreds of Shiatsu sessions on open-heart surgery patients at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Oz. He now lives in Uruguay with his family and travels to teach internationally. He also offers online programs on the Chakras and distance healing training.

Location: Uruguay, Peru and Europe

cell/whatsApp +598 952 78442



Sheyna Hoitsma
Zen Shiatsu Practitioner
Assistant Director of Shiatsu School of Vermont
AOBTA Director of Membership

Sheyna Hoitsma has a background in dance, flexibility training, and aerial acrobatics. Formerly a circus performer and instructor, Sheyna is now a Zen Shiatsu Practitioner and works at the Shiatsu School of Vermont with her mother, Marjorie Pivar, the Director of the school. Sheyna received her BA in Liberal Arts from Bennington College, where she studied dance, neuroscience, and psychology.


She is also the Director of Membership for the AOBTA. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and plans to incorporate Zen Shiatsu into her practice as a physical therapist. Sheyna has a private Zen Shiatsu practice in Southern Vermont and is accepting new clients at this time.

Shiatsu School of Vermont

Tel: 802-490-0489


Laurinda Poirier-Solomon

Laurinda Poirier-Solomon MPH, RN, LAc

I am a visionary, integrating the powers of Eastern and Western Medicine.

I hold a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture and I am a nationally board-certified acupuncturist. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from St. Anselm College and a Master's in Public Health from Boston University.

In my practice, I draw from over 25 years of experience as a diabetes nurse specialist and over 10 years as owner of Shiatsu Vermont where I offered a variety of healing modalities: Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage.

What inspires me is Nature, and its capacity to yield, adapt and endure; the Inherent wisdom of the human body to heal and the Resilience of the human spirit to thrive in the face of adversity.

I love gardening, hiking with the pups and sharing adventures with my husband and good friends.  

Iyashi Healing Arts

Location: Williston, Vermont

Phone: (802) 238-4659

Marjorie Pivar

Marjorie Pivar studied under Wataru Ohashi, Pauline Sasaki, and Michael DeAgro, three of the master world teachers.  Marjorie has been practicing Zen style Shiatsu for over thirty years and is certified by the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA).


She holds a masters degree in Holistic Health Education from Norwich University and has taught both privately and in the classroom. Marjorie is the author with Quang Van Nguyen of Fourth Uncle in the Mountain: The Remarkable Legacy of a Buddhist Itinerant Doctor in Vietnam (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2006), which is recommended reading at many schools of Asian medicine.

Shiatsu School of Vermont 
Location: Brattleboro, VT 05301
24 High Street

Contact: Margie Pivar


Phone: 802-246-0877



Raizelah Bayen

With a passion for learning, Raizelah Bayen was certified in Integrative Massage in 1991, and never stopped taking classes in the healing arts. She followed her initial massage training with certifications in Eastern Massage and Acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Chinese and Western Herbology, Aroma Acupoint Therapy, and Yoga instruction.

Most naturally, Raizelah weaves together the modalities she studied, in her work, developing a unique style of Integrative Health Care that combines hands-on Meridian Massage and Aroma Acupressure, with home care regimes that include essential oils, herbs, and yoga pose or stretches to address client complaints. Her hands-on work is informed by her own practices in Soto Zen Buddhism, mindfulness and embodiment, which provide the foundational ground for her bodywork and in her life.

Early in Raizelah’s career, she discovered her passion for teaching. She first started teaching massage in 1998, at Twin Lakes School of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz and followed that with 15 years as a core instructor at the Sebastopol Massage School in Sonoma County. 

In 2020, Raizelah took a professional leap, fulfilling her dream of opening a continuing education massage school, Open Pathways Institute for Integrative Massage. Her passion is to support Massage Therapists who envision a professional expansion into Integrative Health Care, weaving hands-on healing with herbs and aromatherapy. Her classes are informed by the principles of Chinese Medicine, giving massage therapists the skills to provide in-depth and holistic care for their clients. Her classes include Eastern massage modalities, such as T’ui Na and Shiatsu, Chinese Five Element Theory and Practices, Meridian Acupressure, Aroma Acupressure, Herbal Formulation, and more.

Location: Bellingham, WA

Cell: 707-364-0431



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