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Become An Affiliate


This program offers a way for Shiatsu practitioners to continue their education and inner development by offering Shiatsu sessions. It also allows shiatsu professionals to continue their affiliation with the Five Lights Center of Shiatsu and the Global Shiatsu Community for All network while developing their clientele.

We offer virtual and in-person tutorials, seminars, and w
ebinars that will help you expand your understanding of alternative medicine and healing philosophies, gain diagnostic skills, and enhance your inner growth. You will receive valuable training and the opportunity to share your experiences with other trained Shiatsu professionals, teachers, staff members, and consultants.

As an affiliate, you will also receive a website listing and a certificate. We continually receive inquiries from people requesting information about shiatsu practitioners in their area. With a growing international network of affiliates, we can help people maintain happy and healthy lifestyles through touch communication. The Five Lights Center of Shiatsu will support the shiatsu practitioner listings through international advertising, the Five Lights Center programs, and social media platforms

Our affiliate program will help you:

  • Join a dedicated Global Shiatsu Community

  • Make a real contribution to the personal development of others

  • Continue your self-development and professionalism

  • Deepen your shiatsu skills and knowledge


Additional Benefits:

  • Professional shiatsu training & consultation with Master Shiatsu teachers

  • Annual professional development training

  • Certificate of Affiliation

Yearly Membership: $25 first year 

  • Membership renews annually on the date of application accepted.

*Affiliates will be able to apply to a Certified Teacher Training Program

The Five Lights Center of Shiatsu Studies requires all affiliates to carry professional liability insurance. Professional insurance is available from AOBTA, ABMP and other companies and organizations.

Apply Here:

Thanks for applying to be an affiliate with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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