“In Shiatsu, we teach love, peace, and happiness.”

Pamela Hannay, Former Senior Ohashiatsu® Instructor, and original AOBTA member.

“Shiatsu is transformative - a vehicle for looking inward mindfully, without judgment. It is a ‘skin-ship’ relationship between teacher and student: an energetic dance that transcends duality and informs one as to the nature of health and personal healing. We, Shiatsu teachers, feel blessed and proud to continue this lineage.”

Michele Schuman, Former Senior Ohashiatsu® Instructor, original AOBTA member, LMT, LMSW.

Very dear Shiatsu Colleagues worldwide - sending all of you inspirational Qi/Ki for 2019 in your quest to share and spread your gifted work into new areas. Go public. Take chair shiatsu into hospitals and shelters and veteran centers. Join the AOBTA. www.AOBTA.org

Love to all of you - Pam

Pamela Ellen Ferguson Dipl.ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA® and GSD-CI, LMT (TX)

"Shiatsu beautifully combines movement, intent and compassion into a healing art that calms the body and the mind.  The first time I experienced shiatsu, I knew something truly special happened. I felt wonderful; very relaxed yet invigorated, somewhat euphoric and physically lighter, like floating on air. I wanted to learn more about this amazing bodywork. In training, I discovered that giving and receiving are one and the same, a true sharing experience. 

It is an honor to know Kumiko as both a shiatsu practitioner and as a teacher. She is a dynamic force in keeping the shiatsu community active and connected.  She has a place in her heart for everyone. Thank you Kumiko for all the joy you bring us."

by Laurie Russell, Licensed Massage Therapist (Florida) and

Graduate of Ohashi Institute

Why I like shiatsu:

It gives me feeling of wellness, body awareness and in connection with my SELF, INNER  SELF.

Being at this mini shiatsu reunion reminds me how aligned I am with myself when I was teaching a shiatsu class.

Thank you Kumiko, to make this happened in sunny Florida and thank to those who attended. 

By Thin Thin



Sam Berlind, Former Senior Ohashiatsu® Instructor

Sam began shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute in 1987, and has taught in NYC, Omega Institute, and throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Europe ever since.  His style is based on his study of yoga, Feldenkrais Method, Gestalt therapy, Zen Shiatsu, TCM, and martial arts. 

Sam enjoys helping people develop self awareness and the ability to heal themselves. He has created a shiatsu program with Strala Yoga, to apply the principles of touch and shiatsu to practicing and teaching movement and yoga.

samberlind@gmail.com www.samberlind.com


Ellen Driscoll, Holistic Physical Therapist/Shiatsu Practitioner/Yoga Instructor

Ellen became a Licensed Physical Therapist in 1985 after graduating from FIU: Florida International University, in Miami, Florida. This was preceded by studies in Biology and Health Sciences form the University of Maryland and Catholic University, Washington, DC .

Further studies include over 1000 hours in Continuing Education in areas of Orthopedic, Neurologic and Rehabilitative coursework from 1986-current. Of these, most courses were manual techniques: including Cranial-Sacral Work and Myofascial Release. Her shiatsu certification was obtained through study at the Ohashi Institute in New York, Maryland, and Bari, Italy. She graduated with the Advanced Ohashiatsu certification in 2009.

Since 2014 she has owned Shape Shifters Wellness Studio, a private practice out-patient setting, treating clients with bicycle related injuries and the community at large, in a local bike shop in Ellicott City, Md.

With a unique niche as a Bike PT, she has also added Kinisiotaping, Dry Needling and Yoga certifications to her plethora of modalities. Although she aspires to positive healing outcomes, educating her clients and the public in self-care has always been the pinnacle of her professional mission.

Location: 5010 Dorsey Hall Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Phone: (410) 997-0555 edriscollpt@yahoo.com


Paula Derry, Ph.D

Paula has a long-standing interest in healing practices that are holistic, intuitive, and reflect the interconnectedness between practitioner and recipient.   She graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 2008 and was a Certified Ohashiatsu Consultant for two years. Her work is still centered in this training, but Shiatsu Shin Tai, or “life force recovery,” added other perspectives on Shiatsu.  Techniques from Zero Balancing I and II, myofascial massage, mindfulness meditation, and a range of other practices are also included in her work.  

In her current practice, she aims to facilitate clients experiencing themselves on a deeper level, and finding positive pathways to relaxation, healing, growth, and transformation. Her goal when teaching is for students to learn technique in a way that is effective, flexible, and works for them; and to cultivate the mindful, meditative approach to touch. She practices independently in Baltimore, Maryland, based on the Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center.

Location: 4801 Yellowwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209

Phone: (443) 610-9881 paula.derry@gmail.com.

Andrzej .jpg

Andrzej Leszczynski, Healing Touch Healing Movement, Master Practitioner and Teacher

Andrzej’s passion is to share with others the experience of wellness that comes from restoring one’s connection to the natural world and to one’s inherent energetic blueprint.  His intense interest in healing arose from his own positive experiences with Qi Gong and Zen meditation in overcoming personal health challenges. His goal of self-healing eventually expanded to a desire to help others, leading to study at the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York.  20+ years of facilitating healing and wellness through shiatsu and qi gong have led Andrzej to incorporate, but move beyond a deep knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy to a highly intuitive awareness of energy. Techniques from many different energetic healing traditions are used to address energy blockages and distortions, and to introduce more beneficial patterns.  Noting common health challenges that are affecting many of his clients, he has developed special shiatsu and qi gong classes that are organized around specific themes. 

Location: Ft. Laurderdale, FL

Phone: (609) 742-3140 meetandrzej@gmail.com

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Kumiko Kanayama initiated it, with the encouragement and support of former Ohashiatsu® Instructors—Nini Melvin & Wendy Bolognesi—as well as many other teachers, clients and students. 

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