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Ancient Spiritual Ceremonial Sandalwood Oil: Benefits and How to Use

Aroma has a strong and direct influence on the centers of the brain related to emotion, memory, and circadian rhythms, meaning that the smells we perceive have a direct link to the neurochemistry underlying Ki, Chi, or Prana disturbances.

While some may view essential oils may as a new holistic fad, aroma has been used in Japan for centuries; in fact the use of aromatic oils have play a large part in human history throughout the world, for more than 3,500 years BC.

Essential oils can be used to provide remedies to a specific acupuncture channel and activate the related energetic organ system. Because of this, essential oils can convery treatment intentions and clear blocks in channels to resolve the accumulation of energetic blockages. Additionally, using essential oils to activate specific acupressure points has a synergistic effect.

The Quality of Sandalwood:

Sandalwood has an Element in Eastern Medicine which is the Water element. The Water Element has introspective qualities and it is often referred to as "the philosopher."

This element is associated with wisdom, stamina and endurance. It is quiet until overwhelmed. Too much activity, overdoing anything or too much focus on the outer world depletes Water and leads to imbalances. When Water is out of balance, we have difficulty with social situations, and struggle with trusting and confidence as a result we can become withdrawn and detached or lose a sense of self-awareness.

The Benefits:

Sandalwood essential oil is a well known essential oil for its spiritual attributes and in Eastern Medicine, we say it helps calm a person’s spirit. Symptoms related to a spirit disturbance are: anxiety, panic attack, insomnia and restlessness.

Sandalwood oil is also good for relaxation; treating various skin conditions, such as rashes and acne; relieving muscle pain; and promoting love, healing, forgiveness, friendship and psychic abilities.

Different Ways To Use Sandalwood Oil:

  • For Your Bath: You can put 3 drops of essential oil into half a cup of Epsom salt for a relaxing bath and to restore energy.

  • On The Go: You can apply a drop of oil onto your fingertip and enjoy the aroma for a few minutes to calm down.

  • On Acupressure Points: You can apply essential oils to your skin directly on acupressure points to be absorbed into your body. To do this, take a drop of oil onto the tip of your index finger and touch these acupressure points:

Kidney #1 acupressure placement on foot for sandalwood oil use.

Kidney #1:

English translation: Bubbling Spring

It offers access to the power of will and wisdom. It is located on the sole of the foot, about 1/3 of the way from the base of the second toe and 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the foot between the second and third metatarsals.

Placement of acupressure point Kindey #27 for placement of sandalwood oil.

Kidney #27:

English translation: Shu Mansion

It offers restored energy flow. This point is found on the chest, on the lower border of the clavicle, 2 cun lateral on both sides of the anterior midline.

Acupressure point Bladder #10 placement on back of skull for sandalwood essential oil placement.

Bladder #10:

English translation: Celestial Pillar, Window of the Sky Point.

It offers clearness of the brain. Located on the nape of the neck, in the depression on the lateral border of trapezius, within the posterior hairline, 1.3 cun lateral to the midline.

Acupressure point Bladder #52 placement on back for sandalwood essential oil placement.

Bladder #52:

English translation: Life Gate.

It offers to release back pain. Found 3 cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the lower border of the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra.

Favorite Essential Oils:

If you're looking for a great sandalwood oil to try my personal favorite is the Young Living Oils brand, you can find it > here < .

If you try any of these aromatherapy remedies and have questions please put them in the comments below; I would love to offer as much as insight as possible!


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