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Makko Ho Meridian Stretches On The Chair

*originally published on The Five Lights blog on October 27, 2020

Makko ho / Meridian Stretches on the Chair to enhance Earth Energy / Stomach and Spleen Meridians.

Do It Yourself Shiatsu Meridian stretches (Makko ho meridian stretches) are used as a self-assessment & self-healing technique by focusing on the specific stretches that were developed to improve the flow of Ki Energy.

There is a stretch for each pair of meridians and, as they are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine and created by Nagai Sensei in Japan, we follow the Five Elements creative cycle, (i.e., Metal, Water, Wood, Absolute Fire, Supplement Fire, and Earth).

How To:

Begin the DIY Shiatsu stretches by grounding yourself through breathing, while you focus on centering the Ki Energy within the Hara.

Keep centered throughout the exercise. It is essential that you settle into the stretches on respiration and the nothing is forced. Being aware of tension and pain that you feel along the meridian pathways. Do not force yourself into positions that you find uncomfortable – pain is not the goal, the intention & focus is. Always take a moment to rest and observe your body after each stretch.

DIY Shiatsu Meridian stretches are not so much on the physical stretch but on opening up and moving the Ki Energy. It is therefore vital that you focus on the breathing and that you are aware of the changes going on within you during each stretch – this includes Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Concentrate on relaxing and releasing during all these movements, and enjoy!

At Five Lights, we will help to find the most comfortable position for each person depending upon your needs.

Let's stretch together to improve our Energy!


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