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Every Sickness Is Heart Sickness

Originally published on June 28, 2021

It is wonderfully explained in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese understand that the heart is the Governor ruling the whole country. It has to maintain Balance and Harmony between its subjects. Because of that, every single-cell gets the proper supply of healing energy, every emotional turmoil and confusion is fixed. Life Energy flows smoothly, and in abundance, everything works together to achieve a common goal - happy and healthy life. Integrate.

You may say that it is utopia, and I'm a pipe dreamer. Nothing wrong with that. I will genuinely appreciate living with my heart governing; I hope you genuinely appreciate that too.

No Governor can rule without ministers, a communication and supply system. In our body, we have 12 meridians which serve that function. They watch the body organs, regulate Energy flow. The heart is listening and watching, sending necessary adjustment by the meridians and deeper into the organs. As you have noticed, there is no difference between physical and emotional levels, which is an introductory statement. Consequently, we have to understand that it is not a healthy body if the mind is not quietly calm; on the other hand, if you were physically ill, it is hard to keep the mind quiet.

Qi Gong exercise provides ways to maintain both levels of health. One doesn't need to study complicated theories to learn and follow the routine.

Here is something else, I'm thinking about Shiatsu and Meditation practice, as these are other branches of the natural healing tree. Shiatsu operates as an acupuncture theory but offers benefits of human healing touch. Meditation is the way to activate the healing power of the mind and create a system supporting our heart in its governing work; therefore, we enjoy good health and longevity.


If you’re interested in my writing on the philosophy and practice of Qi Gong, Shiatsu, and Meditation, and you want to share or learn more, please contact me through my blog or email me at

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