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My Journey To Stroke And Recovery

Originally published on July 13, 2021.

Note from the author: I have decided to republish my article from March 21 and this time have that posted publicly, available for everybody. Please, resend if you have stroke survivors in the circle of your friends and the family. I want to make the Recovery Facebook Group a Center of communication for us.

Hello. This is Andrzej, and you know my healing and teaching work over years. Now I am writing to you, as another stroke survivor.

At the beginning of January 2020 disaster happens. I had been very lucky, help came very quickly. Doctors make excellent work as a new era of my life began. A year later, I can do a lot of things, yet there is still room for improvement.

My speech is not clear, I have difficulty understanding talking and often I don't understand people talking. I can't remember numbers, I can't remember how to call on the phone. I can't remember my street address, cannot type on the computer, and hand-writing is highly challenging. Walking is still slow and not steady, strange pain in my legs and arms keeps coming and going.

I would love to share yet another thought. I am 25 years plus practitioner of Chinese healing arts, Shiatsu, and Qi Gong. Still in the hospital, I come back to my practice as soon as possible. Was I making nurses nervous practicing? Maybe yes, but my practice had been an essential element of and supported my recovery. I will be glad to share my experience with fellow survivors.

This is my story, and I would like to hear yours. I am writing because I would like to meet you, share our story, our unique experience, learn and support each other. Or simply sometimes have spoken with somebody.


You may email me at, or contact me all over my blog I will how gladly hear from you. Together is Easier. Andrzej (Andre) Writing will continue.........

Andrzej( ANDRE) teaches and studied oriental arts healing in Princeton for over 25 years. His practice includes group classes and personal guiding/healing sessions of Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and Meditation-natural ways to Health and Well-Being.

(Blog post edited for publication)

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