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Tai Chi Ruler By Nayo Takasaki


Who was the founder of TAI CHI RULER? As a matter of fact, it has been in existence over a thousand years, from the Sung Dynasty ~~~ !

Now it is called one and the only instructor on Tai Chi Ruler was,

Chao Chung Tao ( 1844 - 1962 ).

Tai Chi Ruler, it was part of the Chao family’s heritage, so it has been taught by generations to generations secretly.

Chao learned it from his grandmother ( 1758 - 1866. died at age 108, painlessly of natural cause )

The grandmother’s last instruction to Chao:

“ Tai Chi Ruler is an unfathomable science, it has been more beneficial to me than I could mention.

You can reap the same goodness if you stay on with its practice.

Although it can not make you an immortal or immune all sickness, it can certainly make life much more pleasant, live to a ripe old age, and enjoy good health.

Do not neglect or underestimate it. “

In 1954. Pekin. Chao officially opened a school to teach the family secret Tai Chi Ruler, finally ! !!

In 1962, on his 118 died peacefully.

* I myself learned it from my teacher, Kwan Sai-Hung (1920 ~ Taoist, spiritual leader ) in New York.


1-3-10 Miharadai Nerima-ku Tokyo Japan

Tel:  011-81- 3-3978-3203

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