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Time Before Times

Originally Published on July 5, 2021.

At the beginning of time, life was but everlasting happiness, and being happy was so simple. Almost as big as a Sun is, a huge ball of happiness had always been visible in the blue sky. Shining and radiating joy on everyone. All you do is look at it, and internal joy will arise the same way skin is getting tan when exposed to the Sun.

As we are all complainers, one day somebody said: I went out to enjoy myself, yet a cloud had overshadowed the sky for whole 3 minutes. Then some other person followed, then some other found another reason to complain. And so, and so.

They did not know that every complaint will cause a little scratch in Ball of the Joy. Repeated, they would accumulate and cause cracks and gaps. And our complaints were coming and coming.

One day, the Ball has cracked and shattered into billions of tiny little pieces. Now, they are all over the earth, still here for us. Yet since that day, we have put in lots of effort to find and have them in our life.

The good news: It is still possible.


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