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What is Komyo ReikiDo?

By Thin Thin Lay, R.N, HWNC-BC

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what Shiatsu has in common with Reiki, another Japanese healing practice based on the power of touch. Many of my students come from previous backgrounds in Reiki, which generally has a simpler training process than the ten levels of Shiatsu. Yet, in Reiki, I find tremendous hope. Both systems originated in Japan, both are relaxation and healing practices balancing and enhancing life force "Ki" "Chi" or "Prana". My numerous experiences of using both Reiki & Shiatsu left amazing results.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and stress reduction. Gentle touch and the art of energy transfer, help balance the mind, body, and spirit. "Usui Mikao" is the founder of Reiki. In 1922, Usui Mikao climbed Kurama yama (mountain) north of Kyoto, the ancient capital city of Japan. It was believed in March 1922. Usui Sensei accidentally realized that he was given a wonderful gift, a mysterious healing ability in his hands.

The Reiki system I'm currently teaching and practicing is called Komyo ReikiDo. Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh) is a Japanese Reiki system, founded by "Inamoto Hyakuten", Pure Land (Jodo Shu 浄土宗) Buddhist Monk, Reiki researcher & renowned International Reiki teacher. Komyo ReikiDo is a keep-it-simple Reiki system & practice, based on the Japanese aesthetic of Less is More. Komyo ReikiDo is based on Reiki Ryoho as practiced in Japan, that is, a Japanese system based on the traditional Reiki mindset (way of thinking).

Zen means “meditation”; it involves training the mind through meditation. The fundamental purpose of Zen is to achieve total enlightenment through the discovery of one's basic nature. Its principles and approaches can be applied to numerous human endeavors. Many aspects of Japanese culture have been influenced by Zen, including archery, aikido, judo and other martial arts, gardening and architecture, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and haiku (Japanese poetry). In this case, it is applied to shiatsu as well as reiki practices. Zen is often called a spiritual philosophy rather than a religion. The focus is on self-realization by transforming the psychological structure of the mind.

" I feel my whole body very light, a different feeling than giving myself Reiki. When giving a self-reiki, I can feel a specific area healing and feeling good but in a shiatsu session, the feeling is different, light, refreshing, and more to the bright side. But I need to confirm it with actual partner practice."

Thin Thin Lay, R.N, HWNC-BC

Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach (American Holistic Nurse Association)

Reiki Master Teacher

Komyo Reiki Shihan

Shiatsu Instructor

Komyo ReikiDo International;

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