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Qi Gong & The Secret Six Sounds

Updated: Apr 28 video on YouTube Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that allows you to rebalance your body and achieve an ideal state of relaxation in a short time. Through its techniques, it regulates man's energy circulation aiming to nourish and strengthen the essential energy, prevent diseases, cure them, to achieve longevity. It is a particular technique of self-discipline and training that is expressed mainly through three stages: Tiao Shen: regulate, harmonize your body Tiao Xi: regulate, harmonize your breathing Tiao Xin: regulate, harmonize your heart.

Exercises with picturesque names, such as the form of the tiger, the bear, the monkey, the crane, and the six secret sounds, which strengthen the energy of the internal organs: liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and immune system, among others, are practiced.

Silvia Marchesa-Rossi, in parallel with her studies in Ohashiatsu, Reiki, and the formulation of the Zen-Stretching® Program, started to practice Qi Gong in 1989, under the guidance of Prof. Li Xiao Ming, from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. She translated the Taoist Guide to Longevity by Bian Zhizhong from English, for the publisher Il Castello, of Milan, and has been teaching Qi Gong introductory courses for many years.

The Six Secret Sounds of Qi Gong It is a practice of ancient origin, simple to do, which stimulates and strengthens the functioning of internal organs. Slow, fluid movements and voices are coordinated to accumulate energy in the internal organs. For prevention it can be done by repeating all sounds in succession; the ritual number is 6 repetitions (6 in Chinese numerology is associated with Yin, i.e. Yin organs). For discomfort or disharmony, the connected organs are chosen and the relative sounds are worked on. In the specific case of correction of disharmony, the repetitions become 36 (6 x 6) and are performed in a louder voice, while in training you can also keep your voice very low.

Of course, you can do it on your own, but in my experience, group training develops great power due to the group interaction that produces a clearly perceptible harmonic wave.

The Secret Six Sounds are meant for: - to expel heat, impurities and pathogenic energy for cleaning your internal organs. - to bring in new cleaner energy, to nourish, rebalance your internal organs - to improve your health and increase your defences. - to work on the emotional balance: in the clean and nourished organs also the related emotions are rebalanced and the positive ones, specific to the organs, gain more and more strength. - to help get in touch with your personal unresolved emotions. By allowing breath and emotions to flow, the old wounds and remote sorrows, deeply rooted in the depths, emerge. For these emotional excesses of ancient origin to be dispersed and finally resolved, it is essential to begin to understand how to let go, forgive yourself and others.

Silvia Marchesa-Rossi Circolo Arci Il Vaso di Pandora Via G. Tartini, 38 - 20158 - Milano tel. 02/36514463 - 347/2459059 WhatsApp: +39 347 245 9059

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