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Relax And Slow Down!

In Yin Qi Gong, we practice movements that are slow, difficult to follow, and last for an extended time. The practice builds movement coordination, muscle strength and flexibility, and flexibility of the physical body. It requires concentration, focus, and determination, and leaves no room for any thoughts. Rhythmical movement coordinated with deep breathing stabilizes the brain and will bring up a positive and peaceful state of mind that supports positive emotions of energetic balance – Gentleness, Kindness, Joy, and Compassion. All of those are drops of positivity dissolving the accumulation of the negativity in the student’s Anger cup. With every class and training, more drops of positivity are coming, speeding up the process.

Students will face hidden body blockages and discomforts, and learn how to approach them. This situation  also causes heightened levels of emotions. Students will learn by experience how to apprehend them in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner.

Online Qi Gong Forum Meetings

Zoom Meeting ID: 894 299 9294 Passcode: QIGONG.

Every Thursday at 6:30 pm (ET) for discussion and questions & answers. Contact Andrzej if you are interested in Qi Gong training. e-mail

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