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The Healing Power of Shiatsu

Finding GSVG in April 2020 was a lifeline for me. It was more than a reunion of shiatsu friends old and new from far and near in tiny zoom boxes. From the beginning, there was an excitement of embarking on something unique and much needed of worldwide proportions in the midst of the fear and uncertainty unleashed by the covid-19 pandemic. We discovered we had each other in the midst of a global crisis. The confinement of covid lockdown transformed into an expansion to reach out, share and inspire each other. I continued to attend GSVG week after week to discover and learn, but then something else happened...a renewed faith in the healing power of shiatsu. I graduated from the Ohashi Institute in 1989 and practiced, interspersed with teaching shiatsu, for over 25 years. Lately, however, I had left bodywork for another path and put shiatsu on the back burner. Shiatsu is like another one of those old friends that I had lost touch with, but now I re-discovered how amazing that friendship still is. I thank all of the presenters of GSVG who gave selflessly a taste of their knowledge in the 30 - 75 min. time slots allocated to their presentations. So many powerful practitioners and teachers have shown up to share their skills and healing journeys; Lifelong paths are often launched by studying shiatsu. Kumiko has held strong the vision of GSVG and has attracted knowledgeable people from all over the world to present on a variety of healing modalities and topics. I am always refreshed and energized after attending a GSVG event and I am always amazed how nurturing this space can be even through a computer screen. I am hoping to keep the global connections going and see how GSVG develops to continue the mutual support that it has created since its inception. Thank you to Kumiko and the team that keeps it going! Virginia Miller Tucson, AZ. September 2021

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