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What do you bring to the table or mat? What do you have in your hands?

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I am an advocate for enriching your skillset, because I enjoy learning new things. It is vital to know what is under our hands and what is in our hands (heart and mind).    

The clients under our hands are complex beings: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. We should have a good sense of the human anatomy & physiology; nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive & circulatory systems; and energetic systems. 

All of these, plus trauma and ancestral predispositions might have profound effects on their health and wellbeing. Our clients are entrusting us with their challenges and we need to be prepared. 

Have you noticed how certain conditions show up on your table? That is a nudge to learn more.

I enrich what I have in my hands by trading with other practitioners, exploring the more unusual modalities when traveling, and I have enrolled in a variety of classes.  I am motivated by learning not just meeting my CEU’s.    

There are a wide variety of modalities to choose from - shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish & Deep massage, Craniosacral, Trager, myofascial, lymphatic, neuromuscular, trigger point, sports, oncology, Rolfing, reiki, Lomi Lomi, palliative, medical, Feldenkrais, Thai massage, Bowen. And then there are a wide array of energy and spiritual based modalities such as Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint, Arcturian Healing Light, Holistic Metamorphosis.  

I started my body work journey in 2004 with Ohashiastsu; felt Craniosacral and wanted to learn more about this modality. Went back to school (at age 59) to get my massage certification and over the past almost 20 years have taken classes in CST, energy work, dissection; and explored meditation, yoga, Pilates, astrology, crystals and more. 

While, I did not necessarily embrace all of these, I appreciated being exposed to different perspectives. There are many overlapping techniques, yes; however, you might learn just a little bit more about some condition or technique that can help the next person who enters your space. 

Enrich your problem-solving skills, challenge yourself, explore and stay curious. Be the best you can be. Your hands will rise to the occasion.  


About the Author:

Kyle Brooks is a licensed massage therapist specializing in shiatsu and craniosacral therapy.


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