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Why Is It So Difficult To Build Up Habits Of Everyday Exercise?

Originally published on August 10, 2021.

Let's think about it. Where are the species of habits? How to walk as a baby is nothing but a habit.

Writing isn't different—often, after the moment of training, that becomes a habit.

So is driving. And so on and on.

Let's come back to my first question, "Why is it so difficult to build up everyday habits of taking care of one’s health?" Are you saying it is not true? Will you say - I have a doctor to do my testing and screenings. I am OK.

But this isn't what I think.

If you want healthy and excellent-looking teeth, you clean them daily. Our muscles enjoy everyday empowerment; bones are strong and flexible, the mind relaxed and

resisting stress.

The tradition of Chinese health care covers literally, an endless number of methods for simple, yet effective ways of conserving health.

We don't need fancy equipment; all we need is time and determination to continue.

In my writing, I share my experiences and many years of study, which will be your

"what to do." Join classes and training, that will be your “how."

Investing in health now and in the future could be your best investment!

Every road starts from the first step; collecting your first million often starts from a penny.


Join my ZOOM session, which would be the first serious step on the trek for Healthy Life.

Contact Andrzej Email:

Cell: 609 741 3140 for details and schedule.

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