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Zen Pickling For Prevention And Peace

Many medicines were originally derived from edible plants, and plant-based diets have been nourishing humans throughout the history of mankind. In this mini-workshop, we will introduce the monastic way of preparing balanced, whole foods with vegetarian cooking and pickling. Embrace the wisdom of cosmic healing principles and the spiritual relationship between mother nature and mankind. You will learn how to nourish and restore the whole health and inner peace.

Fermented vegetables have been known for centuries in East Asia as the best probiotics.

Zen Picklin’(Tsukemono): Asazuke

It is good for anti-aging, and they are known for their preventative health care properties. He will demonstrate his digestive and immune enhanced cooking techniques. It is also used for balance, harmony, and vitality.

Benefits of Tsukemono:

•High in lactic acid (friendly bacteria)

•High in vitamins A,B, C and enzymes

•High in fiber, potassium and calcium

•Promote release of serotonin

•Activate parasympathetic nervous system

•Strengthen digestive and gastrointestinal function

•Enhance Immunity

•Prevent allergies and common viruses including Covid-19

Ingredients for Cucumber and Kale Pickles:

•Persian, Japanese or European cucumbers



•Sea salt

•Sea weeds

•Rice vinegar

•Brown sugar

•Sesame oil (dark)

•Chill or cayenne pepper

Tools Needed:

•Rolling pin

•Small cooking pot

•Large and small bowls and spoons

•Freezer bags


•Kitchen knife

•Cutting board

•Serving trays etc.

Helpful Websites:

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